Relief at the pump as petrol drops by Sh5

June 14, 2013 3:09 pm
The price of super petrol has gone down for the second month in a row. Photo/ FILE
The price of super petrol has gone down for the second month in a row. Photo/ FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 14 – The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has further reduced the prices of super petrol and diesel by Sh5.06 a litre and Sh1.90 respectively in Nairobi occasioned by slump in the international prices and a stable exchange rate.

A litre of super petrol in Nairobi starting Saturday will retail at Sh108.18 while diesel will sell at Sh99.16.

However the price of kerosene went up by Sh2.06 per litre to retail at Sh81.52 due to what the commission termed as the lag in the local processing of crude oil cargoes.

In Mombasa where motorists enjoy the lowest prices, super petrol will sell at Sh104.93, diesel at Sh95.94 and kerosene at Sh78.74 while in Mandera super petrol will retail at Sh120.70, diesel Sh111.68 and kerosene at Sh94.04.

In other towns like Nakuru, super petrol will go for Sh108.79, diesel Sh99.98 and kerosene at Sh82.29 while in Kisumu motorists will buy super petrol, diesel and kerosene at Sh109.96, Sh101.15 and Sh83.31 respectively.

In last month’s review fuel pump prices dropped by over Sh4.

Super petrol went down by Sh4.41 to Sh113.24 in Nairobi, diesel by Sh5.38 to trade at Sh101.06 while a litre of kerosene has been retailing at Sh79.46 since previous review after a Sh4.37 reduction.

Members of the public can obtain the latest petroleum prices in major towns by sending a short message indicating the name of the town to ERC number 0707-667623.


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