Woolwich suspect was held in Kenya and deported to UK

May 26, 2013 10:16 am

In court, the youths claimed they had been given nothing to eat for two days and had been denied access to lawyers.

They had spent a night in police custody in Mombasa and were questioned by counter terrorism officers before being taken to court the next day. Adebolajo was fingerprinted and photographed and made a full statement.

After the order was made to deport Adebolajo, police officers accompanied him, handcuffed, in an unmarked police vehicle to Nairobi airport.

During the day-long drive, the vehicle was involved in a minor accident, and although no-one was injured the journey was delayed. That evening Adebolajo was put on the first available flight to London.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that Rikki Thomas – arrested last week in a police raid on her Greenwich house and later released without charge – gave birth to the terror suspect’s son last year.

Neighbours recalled how 29-year-old Thomas wore mini-skirts and was a ‘bright lovely woman’ before meeting him six years ago and turning into someone who hardly left the house.

Odette Hamilton said: ‘Rikki began to dress more and more like a Muslim. Eventually she wore the whole burka.

‘When they walked down the street, he used to make her follow behind him, in subordination.’

Article re-published from the Mail Online: Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2330993/Revealed-Woolwich-suspect-held-terror-charges-Kenya–DEPORTED-here.html#ixzz2UOK3VeQW

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