We can’t just accept TJRC report and move on – Raila

May 26, 2013 9:55 am


The former PM spoke on Sunday after attending a church service in Embakasi/FELIX MAGARA
The former PM spoke on Sunday after attending a church service in Embakasi/FELIX MAGARA
NAIROBI, Kenya, May 26 – CORD leader Raila Odinga says Parliament should form an independent team that will be charged with ensuring the full implementation of the recently released Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) report.

Speaking after a church service in Embakasi West Constituency, the former Prime Minister said: “As you know this report has mentioned very many people adversely. So the same people who have been mentioned should not be expected or relied upon to set up a team to implement it. This should be a neutral body.”

The report however names scores of past and present Members of Parliament accused of involvement in land grabbing, fanning ethnic clashes and brutal crackdown by security forces at the height of repression.

The TJRC Act empowers the relevant minister (concerned with justice and constitutional issues) to establish an implementation mechanism. However, President Uhuru Kenyatta abolished the ministry and created a department of justice.

Section 49 of the TJRC Act states: “The minister shall, upon the publication of the report of the Commission, operationalise the implementation mechanism or arrangement in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission to monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission and to facilitate their implementation.” The minister is expected to table the report in Parliament within 21 days after its publication.

Odinga said the implementation of the report would help unite Kenyans and give a clear direction over past injustices and human rights violations committed by individuals in past regimes.

“I don’t agree with this new statement of accept and move on. Why are you telling Kenyans to accept and move on, move on to where?”

Kenyans need to be told the truth behind why Pio Gama Pinto was killed, (and why) JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko and Odhiambo Mbai were killed. Even the Bible says it is the truth that will set you free.”

“It does not matter about the minority or majority in Parliament; I hope that MPs are going to answer the call of their patriotic duty to the nation not in terms of who is mentioned in the report and who is not mentioned but that this is something that is mentioned to reconcile our country as a whole,” the CORD leader said.

When receiving the report, President Kenyatta said the government would take the recommendations seriously and reiterated his administration was committed to deepening healing and reconciliation in the country.

Implementation of the commission’s report is due to commence within six months after publication.

All recommendations shall be implemented, and where the implementation of any recommendation has not been complied with, the National Assembly shall require the minister to furnish it with reasons for non-implementation.


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