Uhuru: Job, wealth creation will liberate Africa

May 26, 2013 3:39 pm

President Kenyatta said he also envisioned a conflict free Africa where people live in productive societies, competing in their contributions to further development and greater good of the continent.

“We must rekindle the spirit of Pan-Africanism that propelled us during the birth of independent Africa. We must inspire our people to once again take their destiny in their own hands, to cultivate faith and confidence in the ability of Africa to address her problems and craft appropriate solutions to deal with them. We must deliver on an Africa at peace with itself, driven by its people, that is prosperous but that shapes and determines international relations in a human, just and equitable manner,” he noted.

Reminiscing on the Kenya’s 2007/2008 post-election violence, President Kenyatta said the country was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the AU with a renewed sense of hope after overcoming the challenges of the 2007/8 crisis.

The Head of State said: “As Africa celebrates its jubilee so does Kenya and we do so with a renewed sense of hope. We are a Kenya that is in renaissance, a Kenya that has closed a door to a regrettable past, but also a Kenya that has generated invaluable lessons, which we stand ready to share with our brothers and sisters across the continent, as part of our shared values and common destiny.”

Noting that competitive electoral politics in Africa pose challenges that could plunge the continent’s young democracies into crisis, President Kenyatta stressed the need to have a focused reflection and dialogue on how to manage diversity and outcomes of elections.

President Kenyatta said over the last five years, Kenya had reformed its entire society by adopting a new constitution and carrying out far reaching reforms in the judiciary, electoral process, public service, the security sector among others.

“We have adopted a new constitution, undertaken far-reaching reforms in the judiciary, vetting our judges in public under the watch of more than 40 million Kenyans and beyond, expanded the freedoms of all Kenyans, put in place a new electoral machinery, a devolved system of governance that ensures equity for all, a reformed Public Service, security sector, and many others”, said President Kenyatta.

He reaffirmed his personal and Kenya’s commitment to promote the African agenda at national, continental and global levels and to enhance Kenya’s participation in the African Union.

“Kenya, as an active member of the African Union as well as a beneficiary of its activities and programs, will continue to uphold her obligations not only within the AU but internationally,” the Head of State added.

The president is accompanied to Addis Ababa by the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Amina Mohamed among other senior government officials.

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