LIVE TEXT: Uhuru’s inauguration

April 9, 2013 9:18 am

, 21-GUN-SALUTE3.40pm: Uhuru bids Kibaki farewell, says he will go to him for counsel

3.37pm: Uhuru concludes his inaugural speech with Swahili off-the-cuff remarks, saying ‘uchaguzi sio uadui’ and welcomes former opponents to work with him for a prosperous Kenya

3.34pm: Uhuru – ask not who we voted for but to what future were are devoted to

3.32pm: Uhuru to international community: I assure you that under my leadership Kenya will uphold our international obligations so long as they are founded on principles of mutual respect and reciprocity

3.29pm: Uhuru – Africa’s Great Renaissance, spoken of only 20 years ago, is upon us

3.26pm: Uhuru – the future of Kenya depends on deepening bonds with brethren in eastern Africa and Africa as a whole

3.24pm: Uhuru – We will not tolerate those who threaten the peace and security of our citizens

3.23pm: Uhuru: My government will strike a destructive blow to all who threaten Kenya’s tourism

3.21pm: My doors will always be open; we will never turn a deaf ear to any person or group; we will not leave any community behind

3.20pm: Uhuru says he will address both Houses of Parliament on April 16

3.20pm: Uhuru says his government will support local industry by buying Kenyan first

3.16pm: Uhuru says the Constitution does not suggest devolution; it demands it

3.14pm: Uhuru pledges within 100 days:- free maternal healthcare, re-allocation of Sh6 billion for run-off, laptops for all Standard 1 pupils, full support of devolution

3.13p: President Kenyatta welcomes all Kenyans to hold him to account

3.09pm: Uhuru says he will lead all Kenyans – those who voted for him and his opponents – towards greater prosperity and a peaceful Kenya

3.04pm: President Kenyatta acknowledges all presidential candidates in the March 4 polls, saying because of them Kenyans had real choices to pick their next leader

3.03pm: President Kenyatta pays tribute to Mzee Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki for their contribution to Kenya’s prosperity

3.00pm: President Uhuru Kenyatta now to deliver his inauguration speech

2.52pm: DP Ruto says Kenyans will soon be united past the Jubilee-CORD rift because “Kenyans have a way of doing their things”.

2.51pm: DP Ruto says tourists to Kenya should be greeted with “welcome home” as this is the cradle of mankind.

2.49pm: DP Ruto says their government will boost agriculture and tourism to push the economy to double digit growth

2.47pm: Ruto says future political contests in Kenya will be about ideology and not about tribe

2.45pm: Ruto says God blessed his pairing with Uhuru by granting them victory in round one

2.43pm: Deputy President William Ruto now makes his address to the nation.

2.42pm: Mwai Kibaki has delivered his valedictory speech after handing over power to President Uhuru Kenyatta

2.38pm: Kibaki says devolution should never be used to balkanise Kenya; it remains one united State

2.38pm: Kibaki pays tribute to Mama Lucy Kibaki and his entire family. Also thanks voters in former Donholm and Othaya for picking him as their MP

2.33pm: Kibaki recognises former president Daniel arap Moi, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka

2.30pm: Kibaki thanks Kenyans for supporting him in his 50 years of public service

2.28pm: Kibaki congratulates Kenyans for voting peacefully and sending a clear message that Kenya’s democracy has come of age.

2.26pm: Former President Mwai Kibaki now takes to teh podium to make his valedictory address

2.23pm: Museveni congratulates Mwai Kibaki for his stewardship of Kenya and the East African Community

2.21pm: Museveni speaks of a ‘sad chapter’ in Uganda’s history where over 800,000 people died in conflict. He says would never invite the international community to solve Uganda’s internal problems

2.18pm: Museveni admonishes those whom he accuses of using the ICC to attempt to remove some leaders in Africa and install others

2.17pm: Museveni congratulates Kenyan voters for rejecting the blackmail by the International Criminal Court and those seeking to abuse the court for their own agenda

2.06pm: Museveni congratulates Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and other presidential candidates. He says they also won, because they provided a choice for Kenyans to choose from.

2.03pm: Yoweri Museveni, chairman of EAC and IGADD delivers speech on behalf of invited presidents

2.00pm: Deputy President Ruto takes the podium to welcome Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni who will make a speech on behalf of invited presidents

1.55pm: The Moipei Quartet sing Roger Whittacker’s ‘My land is Kenya’.

1.48pm: Uhuru Kenyatta, as Commander in Chief, gives permission for the Guard of Honour to exit the Stadium

1.38pm: Bishop David Oginde leads prayers

1.35pm: Mwai Kibaki receives his Standard from General Julius Karangi

1.33pm: The military performs the 21-gun salute to the new president and Commander in Chief

1.31pm: All three verses of the National Anthem being played as Kibaki’s presidential white Standard is lowered and President Kenyatta’s blue Standard is hoisted.

1.29pm: President Kenyatta takes the Constitution and sword signifying he is now the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces of Kenya

1.28pm: Chief Justice Mutunga to president over the handing over of the instruments of power and authority

1.25pm: Chief Justice Mutunga hands the certificate of inauguration to President Uhuru Kenyatta

1.21pm: President Kenyatta congratulates his newly-ordained deputy William Ruto

1.17pm: William Ruto takes Oath of Due Execution of the Office of Deputy President

1.15pm: Ruto takes the Oath of Allegiance of the Office of Deputy President

1.13pm: Shollei invites Mrs Racheal Ruto to the inauguration arena

1.11pm: Chief Justice Mutunga welcomes Deputy President-elect William Ruto to the inauguration arena to take his two oaths of office

1.10pm: Chief Justice Willy Mutunga hands over copies of the signed oaths to President Uhuru Kenyatta

1.08: His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has now taken both oaths of office

1.04pm: Shollei to administer the Oath of Due Execution of the Office of the President on Uhuru Kenyatta

1.02: Shollei administers the Oath of Allegiance of the Office of President on Uhuru Kenyatta

1.01pm: Uhuru Kenyatta steps onto the inauguration arena to take his oath as President of the Republic of Kenya

1.00pm: Shollei welcomes Chief Justice Mutunga to the arena to introduce the president-elect

12.56: Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Gladys Shollei takes her position ready for the swearing-in

12.39: Religious leaders say prayers of dedication for the incoming administration

12.36: President Kibaki shakes hands with invited dignitaries at the dais

12.33: President Kibaki finishes Guard of Honour inspection, now making his way to the dais

12.26: President Kibaki, accompanied by CDF Julius Karangi begins to inspect his final Guard of Honour as president

12.25 Parade Commander invites President Kibaki to inspect the Guard of Honour

12.22 The military plays the East African Community Anthem

12.20: The military plays the National Anthem.

12.19pm: President Mwai Kibaki disembarks the ceremonial military Land Rover to inspect his final Guard of Honour


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