Kimaiyo assures police on poll allowances

March 21, 2013 3:34 pm


Kimaiyo says there was a slight delay in paying the allowances but it has been resolved/FILE
Kimaiyo says there was a slight delay in paying the allowances but it has been resolved/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 21- The Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has assured his officers that allowances earned during the election period will be paid starting at the end of this month.

Through AP Spokesman Masoud Mwinyi, the Inspector General says there was a slight delay in paying out the allowances to all officers who were assigned to provide security during the election, but that it has been sorted out.

There has been discontent amongst police officers who had accused the government of taking too long to pay the allowances.

“It should be understood that financial matters in the civil service take time to process. Arrangements to have the same paid to the officers have been finalised and will be paid through their March and April 2013 payroll.”

“Many of the officers might have expected to be given their allowances in cash but this is not the case since as one of the measures to cleanse payrolls, all monies payable to officers are done through respective payrolls and paid directly to the banks,” he asserted.

He instructed officers across the country to continue to render services without reservations saying that issues pertaining to their well being were being into to enable them to work in a conducive environment.

At least 99,000 officers provided security at various polling stations during the March 4 General Election.

Kimaiyo has advised officers who have complaints to direct them through the existing proper institutional channels and urged their seniors as well to be rational and to handle junior officers professionally.

“This is due to the fact that many officers resort to the use of both mainstream and social media to air their grievances, a factor that may point to the fact that they are not aware of the avenues through which their issues are sorted. It may also imply mischief on the part of the officers,” he cautioned.

Kimaiyo has reiterated that police will enforce the requirement that crowds to not congregate near the Supreme Court as advised by the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC).

He says that police in doing their work will respect the right and will not get in the way of people who adhere to the law.

“Members of the public are cautioned against forming illegal groupings at the Supreme Court and its environs during the period which the election case is in progress.”

“Similar caution is also extended to members of the so called Bunge la Wananachi who converge in various areas especially if their intention is to discuss politics that might cause animosity resulting to conflict amongst such groupings,” he warned.


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