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Karua who was notably absent was said to be away on holiday/FILE


Karua party weighing its post-poll options

Karua who was notably absent was said to be away on holiday/FILE

Karua who was notably absent was said to be away on holiday/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 19 – NARC Kenya has declared that it is willing to work with other parties or coalitions despite choosing to go it alone in the March 4 General Election.

The party Secretary General Mwanyengela Ngali says Narc Kenya had opted not to form pre-election coalitions to ensure the party retained relevance on the political scene.

“We thought it best to stand alone in the General Election. Up until now that has been our stand but it was not cast in stone. We will deliberate on the matter and decide if a post poll-pact will be in our best interest.”

“We are not bound by any law to kill ourselves or to associate with another party but looking at the situation out there we will have to weigh our options and come to a decision as a party and not as individuals.”

The NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua was notably absent at the press briefing on Tuesday afternoon causing speculation that there is disquiet in the flower party.

Karua had stated a little over a week ago that she was not seeking out President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta to give her a job after she emerged sixth in the presidential race.

“I am not looking for a job. My hands are full. I am the national chair of a model party called NARC Kenya; I have a duty to rebuild that party from the ashes of devastation.”

“I have a duty to myself as well. I ain’t looking for a job. May I repeat I’m busy; I’m also going to enjoy leisure.”

Karua was said to be absent from Tuesday’s press briefing as she was on holiday but Francis Lotodo, who was her running mate in the presidential race, was present.

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On March 10 Karua also stated that she would run her campaign in much the same way given another chance but Ngali was of a different opinion saying the party will have to rethink its political strategy given their poor showing in the polls.

“The party intends to remain actively involved in fulfilling its mandate in the post poll period by consistently contributing to the national agenda in the current political dispensation with a view to stay politically relevant.”

NARC Kenya only managed to bag one National Assembly seat and a handful of County Assembly Ward Representative seats.

Elijah Moindi who bagged the Nyaribari Masaba constituency seat on a NARC Kenya ticket supported the move by his party to consider a post poll pact but admits that it will be no mean fete to reach a consensus.

“We are working as a unit but you know individuals may have their own opinion but their individual opinion may not be the opinion of the party.”

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