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Kenyans now await to vote in historic elections on Monday/CFM


Finally, it’s a campaign wrap

Kenyans now await to vote in historic elections on Monday/CFM

Kenyans now await to vote in historic elections on Monday/CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 2 – The CORD, Jubilee and Amani Alliances have made their final pitch to Kenyans with a basket full of promises, asking them to come out in large numbers on Monday and vote in their favour.

The CORD and Jubilee alliances painted Nairobi Orange and Red in their branded caps and T-shirts, while the Amani coalition painted Muliro gardens green and yellow.

The three alliances had different selling points from the start but spoke in one voice as they called for peace regardless of the outcome of the highly anticipated poll.

While CORD decided to make their final campaigns at the Nyayo Stadium, the Jubilee team picked the historic Uhuru Park grounds where the head honchos arrived in three choppers.

The three venues were packed to the core and blaring vuvuzelas rented the air as arch rivals Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi argued out their points on why they should be elected Kenya’s fourth President.

But even as Odinga refuted a story ran by the Financial Times claiming that he would not accept defeat in Monday’s Election, Kenyatta urged him to concede defeat if he lost.

“I would want to say it publicly here to all Kenyans, that this is a fabrication and is total mischief. I want to tell you that I know we will win, but if we don’t, I will accept defeat for the sake of our peace. Let’s maintain peace and come out and vote,” clarified Odinga.

“I am urging you (Odinga) to accept defeat, just like I did in 2002 and then you can try again after five years if you so wish,” countered Kenyatta.

Odinga at the same time insisted that land will be the main agenda of his government by ensuring that those who grabbed land returned it to the State.

He maintained that he had not stolen any land from the public adding that his government would address land reforms.

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“As I said before, we will stop land grabbing in this country. I am very innocent on land grabbing issues, even my late dad Jaramogi Odinga did not take anybody’s land,” Odinga declared.

But Jubilee deputy flag bearer William Ruto took a swipe at the CORD alliance accusing them of being non-reformers. He said they represented the status quo that Kenyans were trying to get rid of.

“I read about William Ole Ntimama in primary school and I also sang for Henry Kosgey and Fred Gumo. Kalonzo Musyoka has been in government for 30 years. Do these people really represent change?” asked Ruto.

The two alliances were also confident of a win in the first round saying Kenyans must turn out and vote.

“I call upon all Kenyans to wake up early on Monday and vote for Raila Amollo Odinga. We insist that we are for round one. We don’t want IEBC to spend 6billion on a run off. The time is now, we must decide the destiny of this country,” CORD running mate Kalonzo Musyoka said.

“I want to plead with you to come out and vote so that we conclude this election in the first round so that by 1pm, the storyteller (Odinga) will have packed his bags to go home,” mocked Kenyatta.

In Kakamega, Mudavadi said: “We have fought a good fight and have kept the faith throughout this journey. It is now time to make decision, come out in large numbers and vote for me because I have kept my promise and make a decisive vote. It is your turn to keep yours.”

Kenyatta also asked Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Jimnah Mbaru to halt his bid and support the TNA candidate Ferdinand Waititu.

“We do not want to lose the Nairobi County gubernatorial seat. I want to ask Mbaru not to split the TNA vote in Nairobi. We will give you a position in government,” he said.

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