Mudavadi to ‘reward’ NEP

February 20, 2013 1:28 pm


NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 20 – Amani coalition presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi has pledged to compensate the Northern Kenya region with development projects as the region has borne the brunt of conflict in neighbouring states.

Mudavadi said he had plans to prioritise investment in the security, road infrastructure, water provision and livestock industry in order to open up the northern region to exploit its potential.

He said the region has remained under developed to the disadvantage of locals as a result of neglect from the past regimes even as the region acted as a buffer zone against banditry and terrorism for the rest of Kenya.

“I know your businesses have suffered because of a failed Somalia state. Recently your market was burnt down. The least we can do is compensate you for suffering on behalf of the rest of Kenya. I promise you that under my government the first market will be built in Garissa,” he reiterated while addressing supporters at Garissa stadium on Wednesday.

“I am seeking your votes to give me mandate to be the next president of Kenya because I have a good vision for this region to change and stop marginalisation of the region” he assured the locals.

The DPM said Amani has already designed policies that will prioritise and protect livestock enterprises like any other major commercial enterprises and upgrade livestock infrastructure in pastoral community areas to ensure equitable distribution of resources and development.

“We cannot depend on drought to create cheap markets for our people to be exploited by middlemen. That is a policy of punishment for victims of drought and deprivation. We want livestock to be a recognized and thriving industry,” he asserted.

The DPM said he intended to make livestock which is the back bone to the livelihood of locals, an enterprise to ensure the region gains from better marketing and profits from meat processing.

“We want to make sure livestock brings benefits by constructing abattoirs here and a meat factory in this region to make it easier to access markets in the middle East”, he promised the locals saying this will be possible by taking advantage of the LAPSSET project that is set to open up the northern region.

“Under Amani government, youth will be enjoined in security maintenance, but I want to request everybody to be players in security so that bad elements within us cannot the democratic space you enjoy to threaten your security, ” he added.

Mudavadi told the rally that Amani coalition is the alternative choice against friction and conflict that will be caused by the other two coalitions that continue to polarize the country in their campaigns.

Mudavadi will take his campaigns to Isiolo on Thursday.


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