Public hearings to be held in imposter saga

January 15, 2013 12:30 pm


The team will them move to Nairobi for sessions at KICC next Thursday and Friday/FILE
The team will them move to Nairobi for sessions at KICC next Thursday and Friday/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 15 – The National Police Service Commission has named a six-member committee to hold public sittings over the alleged ‘fake’ Naivasha policeman and table its report by the end of this month.

The commission’s chairman Johnston Kavuludi said the team to be chaired by Mary Auma Owuor will hold hearings at the Nakuru Municipal Hall between January 21 and 23.

The team will them move to Nairobi for sessions at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) next Thursday and Friday.

Other members of the committee are Kioko Kilukumi who is the vice-chairman and represents the Law Society of Kenya, CID deputy director Gideon Kimilu for the Inspector General of Police, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights official Edna Ameya and the Public Service Commission’s George Mukabi.

According to Kavuludi, the committee will seek to establish among other things whether Joshua Waiganjo was a police officer, a police reservist and who recruited him; the circumstances under which he operated as a police officer and who gave him orders.

Rift Valley Provincial Police Chief John M’mbijiwe, the Commandant of the Anti-Stock Theft Unit Michael Remi Ngugi and Njoro police chief Peter Njeru Nthiga have already been interdicted over the saga surrounding the alleged imposter.

Waiganjo is already facing charges of impersonating a senior police officer.

The Committee will also look at Waiganjo’s role in the Baragoi police massacre.

Kavuludi said: “The committee will be required to find out how he was included in the security mission to Baragoi and to what extent he as privy to confidential information. Did his involvement compromise the security operation in Baragoi in particular and generally other serious crimes in the country.”

The incident has exposed serious security lapses that have outraged the nation.

Waiganjo is alleged to have sacked and abused junior officers, and even attended top security meetings on various occasions over a period of five years when he easily passed off as a top policeman.

He also donned police uniforms, complete with insignia indicating he was a senior assistant commissioner of police.

“We will also want the public to tell us about any other people who have been pretending to be government officials and where we can find them,” Kavuludi told a news conference held at his Bruce House office.

The committee will receive sworn affidavits over the saga between next Tuesday and Saturday. Alternatively, members of the public may submit or communicate to the committee in writing, by telephone (020-2215360) or by email

Meanwhile, a court in Nyeri has ordered that the alleged police imposter be remanded without the option of a fine for jumping bail in the year 2010.

Waiganjo was arraigned in court on Tuesday over robbery charges stemming from crimes committed three years ago.

He was re-arrested in Naivasha where he is already facing charges.

A Naivasha court had set him free on a Sh4 million bond last week but he was re-arrested by police from Nyeri who were effecting a warrant.



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