Karua says she’s worth Sh56m

January 14, 2013 2:59 pm
She added that she had one house, one car and one parcel of land in Tigoni and challenged those in doubt to verify/FILE
She added that she had one house, one car and one parcel of land in Tigoni and challenged those in doubt to verify/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 14- Narc Kenya presidential candidate Martha Karua has once again set the pace declaring a net worth of Sh56 million.

Speaking after accepting her Narc Kenya presidential endorsement on Monday, Karua said it was time her rivals also told Kenyans what they were worth arguing that they had a right to know.

She added that she had one house, one car and one parcel of land in Tigoni and challenged those in doubt to verify.

“I will here and now make public my wealth declaration form. My net worth as of today is Sh56 million. There are those who will be disappointed but you are allowed to check all the details,” she said.

“I don’t have to enumerate- just one house and the rest you can check,” she stressed.

Karua, who also said that she would announce her running mate in the next few days, added that the declaration of wealth among all office seekers would increase transparency and accountability for the benefit of Kenyans.

She observed that it would allow Kenyans to question the source of the wealth each candidate had further revealing that she had already filed her declaration form with the Speaker of the National Assembly.

“If it seems too much you should be able to ask, what business did you do to acquire this? I acquired my net worth through my salary. If you are worth more than we know, you should be able to tell us,” she maintained.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta have been exchanging words with the former challenging the latter to return stolen land.

Kenyatta has in turn counter challenged the PM to prove that he indeed stole public property.

“This competition has become a money competition to many candidates. I have promised Kenyans that my campaign and that of Narc Kenya will not be about money. It is about leadership,” observed Karua.

The former Gichugu MP also vowed to settle all the high level corruption scams including Anglo leasing, Goldenberg and the Free Primary Education one where billions of shillings were embezzled, if elected President.

She further promised to honour the trust and faith that Kenyans had in her.

“I won’t betray your trust. When I am in State House I will not tolerate corruption; I will not tolerate any Goldenberg, I will not tolerate any abuse of office and I will not tolerate any billions intended to educate our children missing from the budget,” she pledged.

Karua added that corruption pulled Kenya back and stopped her from realising its potential.

She also criticised Members of Parliament for attempting to pass a legislation that would see them get a hefty send off package.

“Parliament even wanted body guards for life but in a country with a functioning security system people would not need to have bodyguards,” she noted.

“It is not possible to get a bodyguard for each citizen. The number of our security officers cannot equal the number of citizens,” she argued.

Among other things Karua promised to address once she made it to State House were youth and unemployment, insecurity, discontentment among key workers like nurses and inequalities in pay for public workers.

Narc Kenya conducted its primaries on January 10, 2013 and has already picked its candidates.


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