Judge carjacked in Kenyan capital

January 24, 2013 7:55 am


According to police, the gangsters stole personal items and electronic goods then ordered the judge into her vehicle and drove off with her/MUTHONI NJUKI
According to police, the gangsters stole personal items and electronic goods then ordered the judge into her vehicle and drove off with her/MUTHONI NJUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 24 – High Court Judge Grace Nzioka is the latest high profile victim of a carjacking in Nairobi, which is witnessing an increased wave of crime.

The judge was hijacked by armed gangsters as she entered her home in Karen at about 10pm on Wednesday night, and forced into the house.

She narrated the ordeal at the hands of the gangsters who stole items from her home before driving off with her. Her husband who arrived home as the robbery was in progress was also ordered into the gateaway car.

Her bodyguards were tied up and locked in a room.

The couple was later dumped in Dagoretti and found their way back home after reporting the matter at the Hardy Police station.

The judge dismissed speculation that the carjacking could be linked to the commission investigating violence in the Tana Delta which she chaired.

“I have no reason to believe that this was not a normal robbery. These are guys literally demanding money from you… these are guys putting you in the car and driving you to an ATM to draw money. If they really wanted a laptop it was still in the GK that brought me home because I didn’t get out of the car,” she said.

She assured Kenyans that the findings of the commission were not interfered with during the ordeal.

“I know people would like to know if the report is secure, given that the chairperson of the commission has been attacked. I want to assure the nation that the commission report is secured and we will be presenting it to the president in due course,” said Justice Nzioka.

She told journalists at her home on Thursday morning that the thugs were mainly interested in money and electronics.

“As we left, two of them were guarding my other family members at gunpoint, and another came with us and was also armed and they said if you give us the wrong PIN numbers we will kill you… we don’t have time for jokes,” said the Judge.

“I think they were waiting for midnight so that they can withdraw more, because the bank confirmed the withdrawal last night and that they withdrew some more money this morning,” she told Capital FM News.

The couple and their family were not harmed during the incident. The robbers released the couple at about 2am after making repeated threats to kill them.

Before leaving the house, Nzioka recounted that the five-man gang warned her son against contacting the police once they left the residence with her and her husband.

She narrated terrifying moments when her phone kept ringing and the robbers ordered her husband to answer it and tell the caller that they had been released.

“My family ignored the warning they had given and reported the matter to the Hardy Police Station, and I guess in an attempt to track us down, they kept calling us. I could hear my phone ringing. They had not turned it off, this made them agitated.”

The incident comes barely a week after a Permanent Secretary was carjacked and robbed of money and a four-wheel drive vehicle in Lavington.

Two weeks ago, gangsters shot and killed an Administration Police officer attached to High Court judge Lydia Achode at Garden Estate.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo says he has given firm instructions to his officers to thoroughly probe the incidents, besides enhancing security across the country.


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