Uhuru, Ruto formally unveil pre-poll deal

December 2, 2012 3:51 pm


Kenyatta who will be the Presidential candidate of the coalition insisted that the coalition was for Kenyans and that it sought to address the needs of the commons/CFM
NAKURU, Kenya, Dec 2 -The rains in Nakuru on Sunday did little to dampen the mood and expectations of the people as they waited for the announcement of the coalition agreement between Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto.

They came out early in their thousands, braved the morning cold to witness the announcement carrying placards bearing the “UhuRuto” slogan.

Security was tight at the venue just in case those who have posed a danger to large gatherings tried anything on the crowd who were clad in yellow and red apparel.

And when the men of the day Kenyatta and Ruto turned up flanked by their lieutenants they did just that, announce a coalition agreement between The National alliance (TNA) and the United Republican Party (URP).

Kenyatta who will be the presidential candidate of the coalition insisted that the coalition was for Kenyans and that it sought to address the needs of the commons.

Both warned of those seeking to detract them in their race that the right to elect a leader was solely on the Kenyan voter and not for the courts or foreigners.

Kenyatta said: “We have decided to work together and we are uniting on behalf of Kenyans so that we unite the nation and foster peace and work to grow our economy,” he said adding that the coalition was neither influenced by tribe nor the need to block an individual.

“We have gone through difficult and trying times, but we have the solutions for our problema… We are willing to work with all but we also demand our respect as citizens of this republic,” Kenyatta said.

He said the coalition set out to detribalise the nation so that Kenyans focus their energies on solving issues affecting them.

The DPM also urged the public to go out and register as voters so as to participate in the March 4 general election.

Ruto who is set to be the running mate in the coalition challenged their competitors to tell the nation what agenda they had for the country and not to belabor discussing personalities.

Ruto said: “We are here to open a new chapter in the politics of this country, a journey of walking together. We have come here to announce a coalition of people who share ideas of reconciling and building this country.”

Ruto insisted that the coalition was non tribal and only those who see it as tribal were the instigators of the vice.

“Those who think that that they will elect the leaders through the courts or through the legislature wherever should know that Kenyans reserve that right for themselves,” he said adding that it was possible that the Kalenjin and the Kikuyu will work together in the election.

At least 50 MPs allied to TNA and URP attended the event.

Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny cheered up the crowd saying that the former prosecutor at the International Criminal Court Moreno Ocampo, US president Barrack Obama and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan will be invited to witness the swearing in of Kenyatta and Ruto.

The deal between the two is set to be formally signed on Tuesday, the deadline set for political parties to deposit their agreements with the Registrar of Political Parties.

Kenyatta and Ruto are subject to a new suit in court challenging their eligibility to vie for political office over integrity queries as stipulated in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

The bid to block them stems from cases of crimes against humanity the two are facing at the International Criminal Court.

The ICC has however said the two are free to run for political office and has listed their cases for hearing in April, after Kenya goes to the polls on March 4, 2013.


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