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Mudavadi termed the decision to announce his exit as "dishonourable, heartless and cheeky to the extreme."/FILE


Uhuru and Ruto heartless, cheeky – Mudavadi

Mudavadi termed the decision to announce his exit as “dishonourable, heartless and cheeky to the extreme.”/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 21- Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has scoffed at suggestions that he was edged out of the Jubilee Alliance by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, saying he had already walked out.

In a statement from his spokesman Kibisu Kabatesi, Mudavadi termed the decision to announce his exit as “dishonourable, heartless and cheeky to the extreme.”

Kabatesi argued that Mudavadi had already informed both Kenyatta and Ruto of his decision to sever ties with them owing to their dishonour, lack integrity and commitment.

He said that the hurried announcement that the Sabatia MP was no longer part of the alliance as “an attempt to pre-empt Mudavadi’s statement which was to be issued in Nyeri severing ties with United Republican Party (URP) and The National Alliance (TNA).”

“Reports that Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon William Ruto have purportedly “dropped” Hon Musalia Mudavadi from the Jubilee coalition paint the couple as dishonourable. Their claim is impolite and an abuse of the collective intelligence of Jubilee coalition supporters and Kenyans who are aware of legal provisions governing political coalitions,” the statement added.

“The couple cannot therefore claim now to walk out of a coalition that Hon Mudavadi had already left on grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation. If the issue was “democratic” for Mudavadi to be nominated through “delegates” how democratic is it to “endorse” Uhuru at a makeshift unknown delegates’ conference?” he further asked in the statement.

Ruto said that they had, after consultations, agreed to let Mudavadi conduct his own campaigns while TNA and URP went ahead with their joint campaigns.

Later, in a separate statement, Mudavadi’s United Democratic Forum (UDF) party cried foul claiming that the deal was not properly reached and signed.

Secretary General Dan Ameyo said that the deal had been procured on the basis of ‘fraudulent misrepresentation by TNA and URP’.

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Ameyo said that UDF will henceforth proceed with its own programs and disregard the existence of that deal.

“Accordingly, UDF Party has decided since yesterday, 20th December 2012 that it is not bound by a contract so procured. Therefore, UDF Party is proceeding with its programmes as if the agreement never existed at all,” read the statement.

Mudavadi had on Tuesday revealed that he had signed a ‘secret’ deal with Kenyatta, in which the TNA leader had agreed to give up his presidential bid in his favour.

TNA delegates later that Monday forced Kenyatta to pull out of the deal passing a resolution rejecting the deal and insisting that delegates be used to vote and nominate the candidate for the Jubilee Alliance.

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