There’s no zoning, Uhuru, Ruto assure supporters

December 24, 2012 3:10 pm

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 24 – The Jubilee Alliance on Monday urged its aspirants to embrace a free and fair nomination process arguing that it was the only way of ensuring that it remained democratic to secure the presidency in the forthcoming polls.

Speaking during a morning show on Kameme FM, presidential hopeful Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto denied accusations that they were handpicking specific candidates to run for certain posts.

Kenyatta said that the Alliance had to embrace democracy and the best candidates in each elective post to ensure that it got the majority support after the forthcoming elections.

“Ruto and I have fought really hard to ensure that we got a chance to seek our positions in the elections so we cannot then start locking other people from exercising their democratic rights. We are not zoning,” he said as he responded to a question on whether the group had reserved some seats for their respective parties.

Ruto added that picking out candidates without subjecting them to a joint nomination process would not auger well with the Alliance’s supporters.

He argued that grassroot supporters knew who the best candidates were.

“The Jubilee support base needs to know that the Constitution now gives more power to Parliament so we must win the presidency and also get enough Members of Parliament so that we are able to achieve our agenda,” he said.

“So there’s no need for the United Republican Party and The National Alliance to fight over these posts; we should work as one,” he urged.

He at the same time allayed fears that the Jubilee Alliance would not get adequate support from Western Kenya owing to the fact that it had broken ties with Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi.

Ruto maintained that the coalition continued enjoying massive support from the region and would ensure that it continued doing so to see that the Jubilee had a national face.

“We have the means of securing these votes because Western province is also in Kenya. We will campaign all over the country including Western and Nyanza regions because we are not discriminating against anyone,” he said.

The Alliance also reminded Kenyans not to heed to divisive and hateful politics with Kenyatta urging them not to listen to propaganda.

He added that the coalition would continue focusing its debates on the development agenda and not any sideshows.

Kenyatta and Ruto also responded to concerns over their fate at the International Criminal Court saying the country’s business would not come to a standstill because of the trials.

“Everything is going to be okay and nothing will go haywire because of the case. Every single item on our development agenda will be realized. Do not worry because the truth will come out,” stressed Kenyatta.

“Do not be afraid because Kenya is stronger that people believe,” he concluded.


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