Mudavadi kicked out of Jubilee

December 21, 2012 10:51 am
Uhuru Kenyatta declared the devil who wanted him to step down for Mudavadi “has been defeated”/CFM-File

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 21 – Musalia Mudavadi was a late entrant into the Jubilee Alliance of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, but he has made an early exit.

Kenyatta and Ruto revealed on Friday that it had been “mutually agreed” that Mudavadi leaves the group to campaign on his own.

Kenyatta who earlier this week sensationally revealed to delegates of The National Alliance that he was coerced by ‘dark forces’ to sign a deal with Mudavadi relinquishing his presidential bid, declared the forces have now been defeated proclaiming: “Shetani ameshindwa kabisa!” (the devil has been defeated completely).

Kenyatta said: “We have been engaging and had an agreement with the United Democratic Forum (UDF). Whereas there was an acknowledgement of the fact that we needed to stay together, a position was also taken we needed to ensure that there was greater participation of people in choosing the flag bearer.”

“Given our inability to agree on a common way forward we have decided again as gentlemen to disengage to allow UDF to continue with their campaigns while TNA and URP also proceed with their campaigns,” he added.

The two were involved in a tussle over which method to use in picking the coalition’s presidential candidate. While Mudavadi preferred a boardroom deal, Kenyatta of The National Alliance (TNA) preferred the use of delegates.

Ruto said that the decision had been reached in a bid to galvanise the support base of the coalition in order to ‘make progress’ and avoid ‘unnecessary lethargy’ that was working against the coalition.

He said Kenyatta will now be endorsed by TNA and United Republican Party delegates this Sunday after a rally in Tononoka, Mombasa on Saturday.

“We have agreed by mutual consent to disengage so that we re-energise our support base and later if there is any rapport we can see whether to engage again. The chairmen of the three parties will issue an official statement. That is what reasonable people do when things don’t work out,” he insisted.

Both Kenyatta and Ruto who spoke at the URP headquarters said that the parties might at a later date re-unite with UDF.

Earlier, UDF sent a statement to newsrooms indicating that it would not send its delegates to the conference organized by the Jubilee Coalition on Sunday, saying that they were not involved in the preparations.

“The UDF Party would like to notify its members and the general public that the UDF Party will not be sending its delegates to the proposed Jubilee Delegates meeting this Sunday, 23rd December 2012. In addition, the UDF Party will not attend the Tononoka rally,” read a statement from Secretary General Dan Ameyo.

Differences in the Jubilee Alliance intensified on Thursday after a rally that was set for Friday in Nyeri was cancelled at the last minute. Later, UDF insisted that they planned to proceed with a separate rally in same town.

Mudavadi, had on Tuesday spilled the beans of a ‘secret’ deal he signed with Kenyatta, in which the TNA leader had agreed to give up his presidential bid in his favour.

Mudavadi told a press conference that Kenyatta had agreed to step down for him in the presence of their lawyers and the Eldoret North MP on December 4.

TNA delegates later that Monday forced Kenyatta to pull out of the deal passing a resolution rejecting the pact and insisting that delegates be used to vote and nominate the candidate for the Jubilee Alliance.

In the meantime, assistant ministers Mohamud Mohammed and Mohammed Gabbow have defected from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to URP.

Former MP Billow Kerrow has also joined URP.

They were welcomed by Kenyatta who took a jibe at ODM saying that: “ODM is a sinking ship and no cord will be able to hold it together.”



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