Kenneth: I’m not party to Wamalwa-Mudavadi deal

December 27, 2012 1:37 pm


The Gatanga MP said he was already in talks with Wamalwa to back him for the Presidency, a deal he said could be struck before Tuesday. Photo/FILE.
NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 27 – Kenya National Congress (KNC) Presidential Candidate Peter Kenneth on Thursday said he was not party to talks between Eugene Wamalwa and Musalia Mudavadi, aimed at endorsing the Deputy Prime Minister as the presidential candidate for the third force.

Kenneth who spoke to Capital Fm News said he had not spoken to Mudavadi or Wamalwa about backing the DPM and as far as he was concerned any talks aimed at endorsing Mudavadi must have his backing, hence terming Wamalwa’s statement as personal.

“No one has spoken to me [about the deal], if you want to know about that deal you better speak to Wamalwa himself,” Kenneth.

The Gatanga MP however, stated that he was already in talks with Wamalwa to back him for the Presidency, a deal he said could be struck before Tuesday.

“I have been talking to Wamalwa for the past week and we are making progress. So negotiations are still underway to come up with a flag bearer,” Kenneth said. “We should have something by the New Year.” Kenneth stated.

During a rally in Mbale on Wednesday, Wamalwa shared a platform with Mudavadi and declared that he would stand by the DPM for the sake of the luhya community’s unity.

“I want to state here that I will stand by my brother Mudavadi and shame the political hyenas that had hatched a scheme to divide the Luhya votes in the next General Election,” he told the rally.

It remains unclear how the two leaders intend to form a coalition with the expiry of a December 4th deadline imposed by the registrar of political.

They did not give details of the coalition they intend to form when they spoke, only saying they intend to work together and would be holding talks soon to strategies.

Wamalwa also announced that he had discussed with his colleagues in the Eagle alliance, Kenneth and Raphael Tuju, on bringing Mudavadi on board and they were open to it.

Kenneth has during his campaigns urged Kenyans not to look at personalities but to elect leaders based on their agenda for the country.

The presidential hopeful has also warned Kenyans against supporting political alliances that don’t have an agenda for the country other than securing power, as insincere alliances could easily destabilizes the country.

‘I am not objecting to political alliances but some that are not based on mutual understanding could lead to wrangling among the country’s leadership,” he said.


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