Tweets in court land French lawyers in hot water

November 28, 2012 2:18 pm


The banter was picked up and published by local newspaper Sud Ouest/CFM-File
BORDEAUX, Nov 28 – Two French prosecutors have landed themselves in hot water after being caught tweeting during a trial, judicial sources revealed on Wednesday.

The pair is being investigated over a Twitter exchange which suggests they were frustrated with the pace of proceedings in an attempted murder case in a court in the Landes area of southwestern France.

“Here’s a jurisprudence question for you: a prosecutor who strangles the judge in the middle of a case, how long would he get?” read the opening tweet, to which his colleague replied: “I’ll stand as a character witness!”

The banter continued in a similar vein and was picked up and published by local newspaper Sud Ouest. It could not be accessed Wednesday as the two Twitter accounts involved had been deleted since the end of the trial last week.

The two prosecutors have not been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.


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