3 interviewed in race for top police job

November 9, 2012 12:42 pm
She told the Johnston Kavuludi team that she has enough experience having joined the police force in 1975/CFM

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 9 – Interviews for the post of Inspector General of the National Police Service kicked off on Friday with Kenya Airports Police Unit Chief Grace Kaindi and former Provincial CID boss Swaleh Slim being grilled first.

Kaindi who has been a long serving police boss told the interviewing panel that she has what it takes to lead the service.

She told the Johnston Kavuludi team that she has enough experience having joined the police force in 1975.

“I would rather go for the top job and drop the deputy position but I will be ready to serve in whatever capacity I am put in. My experience and qualifications makes me the best suited candidate for this job,” she said.

“When I was at Vigilance (Police Headquarters), I was the director of complaints and this is the link between the police and the public. I was very depressed because I was hearing things that I could not believe. I had to take radical action to ensure that we investigate all the complaints,” she stated.

During the interview, she pointed out that she would do her best to improve the working conditions of the police if appointed but maintained that the reported police go slow was illegal as stipulated in the Constitution.

She said that even though other Kenyans have a right to demonstrate, this is not the case for those serving in the army and the police and if appointed, she would do her best to improve the working conditions in the service.

“The law is very clear and the Constitution in Section 37 gives every Kenyan the right to demonstrate but the same Constitution limits these freedoms for all who serve in the defence and disciplined forces,” she stated.

She also defended herself against claims that she did not conduct herself well during the post-election chaos as she had locked herself in her house when she was serving as the provincial police boss in Nyanza.

“Even the PPO’s house is nowhere where the skirmishes were. I was on the streets day and night. I never slept and I made sure that I toured every corner of Nyanza.”

She further explained to the panel how she would deal with prostitution, crimes within the family and social crimes should she be appointed as the Inspector General.

The Head of Security at Kenya Airways and former Provincial CID boss Swaleh Slim who was the second applicant to face the panel said he is ready for the task ahead, if appointed.

“I will put in place mechanisms to deal with organised crime using a three-pronged method. This will involve education, enforcement of the law and putting in place preventive measures,” he said.

Former Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner Hassan Noor Hassan faced the panel on Friday afternoon where queries were directed at him over his handling of the post-election violence.

Others yet to appear before the interview panel include police spokesman Eric Kiraithe, retired senior police officer Joseph Ashimala and David Kimaiyo of the Small Arms Secretariat.

Others are John Patrick Owino, Peter Macharia Mwangi of the State Law Office, and Mary Oyugi-Kaol of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol).

The police commission is racing against time to recruit an Inspector General and two deputies by the end of next month.


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