Raila sure 2013 poll is for ODM’s taking

October 10, 2012 2:55 pm


The PM who is also the party leader remained categorical that ODM was not looking forward to entering into a coalition/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 10 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga is confident that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party will emerge victorious in the coming polls and form the next government. 

Odinga who was addressing an ODM aspirants’ conference at the Bomas of Kenya told them that proper mechanisms had been laid down to secure the party’s position as a leading contender in the race to take over the country’s leadership. 

“I believe we have a real chance, not just a fighting chance of forming the next government,” he said.

The PM who is also the party leader remained categorical that ODM was not looking forward to entering into a coalition.

He said: “We are not in this contest to be part of a coalition government – we are fighting to win.” 

He reiterated that the party needed to form a government which can implement radical programs at a much faster pace than a coalition could allow.

“We want to implement ODM policies, not an amalgamation of programs that include policies we would never touch,’’ he said.

ODM aspirants gathered to meet the party’s new National Elections Board headed by Col (Rtd) Muthee Kathurima.

Odinga moved to forestall any fears over the nomination process assuring aspirants of a process that will be handled above board. 

“As for the nominations for the positions that you seek, the message is out; they will be free, fair, democratic and clean. That message will not change,” he promised.

He insisted that the party was looking for people; (men and women) of conviction, confidence, compassion and courage to carry the country forward.

He stated that Kenya needs people who have faith in the country and those who see and use politics as a force for good.

The party leader told members to remain steadfast in the party and continue popularising it at the grass roots.

While maintaining that the coming election is a two race, he told party members to stand firm against attempts by other mushrooming parties to sway them.

“I remind you again; do not be confused by the formations. It is a two horse contest – it is ODM against the rest. They vote together, they think the same. They may claim to be competing against each other, in reality, they are their accomplices,” he said.

Odinga told aspirants that they had the responsibility of giving meaning to the constitution when they get elected into leadership positions.

The PM gave a five point plan that ODM would address in bringing about change saying it will first ensure self sufficiency in food production where no Kenyan will starve or die for lack of food; the provision of  water to all Kenyans especially in the arid and semi arid areas.

Other matters he aims to address is ensuring that Kenyans access quality medical care affordably, decent shelter, provision of quality education that will provide relevant skills to guarantee employment.

He said that an ODM government will expand the economy to create more job opportunities for the youth of this country.


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