Kenya grapples with burgeoning population

October 30, 2012 5:17 pm
Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya. Photo/ FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 30 – The government wants Kenyans to embrace its efforts aimed at controlling high population growth rate for sustainable economic development.

Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya said that managing population growth to match the available resources would guarantee the citizens a high quality of life.

Speaking on Tuesday, during the launch of the Population Policy for National Development, the minister said that implementation of population programmes was key to the realisation of the Kenya Vision 2030.

“Parliament recently passed the Sessional Paper Number 3 of 2012 on Population Policy for National Development. Overall, this policy aims to attain high quality of life for the people of Kenya,” said Oparanya.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Edward Sambili equally urged Kenyans especially the youthful population to opt for manageable families.

“The youths think having a family is that easy without anticipating the challenges that come with managing families. There’s need to find other ways of communicating to them rather than just telling them to have families that they can manage,” said the PS.

The Policy for National Development covers the areas including population structures and vulnerable groups, population and socio-economic development, planning and environmental sustainability, reproductive health and reproductive rights, education, science and technology.

It also covers gender equity, equality and women empowerment, and morbidity and mortality.

The policy, which has been developed by the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD), warns that the population will hit the 77 million mark by 2030.

During the launch of the policy, NCPD was also officially awarded its ISO Certificate.

Oparanya congratulated the organisation saying the achievement “demonstrated clear commitment and readiness to provide quality population management services to Kenyans.”

He said it was also a key milestone for the ministry which endeavors to have all its institutions to be ISO certified by June 2013.

“Achieving ISO certification status is not an easy task. It requires clear focus and full commitment not only by the management and staff, but also by the total hierarchy in an organization,” added the minister.

NCPD Chairman Dr Abdisalan Noor and Director General, Dr Boniface K’Oyugi expressed satisfaction following the achievement of the ISO certification and committed to champion for highest ethical standards and effective service delivery.


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