Oh my God! French mag’s exclusive a cheesy delight

September 14, 2012 1:03 pm


Copies of the celebrity magazine Closer, which published topless pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine/AFP
PARIS, Sep 14 – “Oh my God! Sex and Sun en Provence.”

The French magazine Closer’s publication Friday of topless pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine was accompanied by copy that combined affectionate mockery with a cheesy, pun-heavy celebration of the royal couple’s amorous holiday antics.

“Kate and William as you’ve never seen them before… on a getaway in the Luberon the young couple let themselves go,” the introduction to a five-page photo spread promised.

“No more forced smiles or sensible skirts. On holiday, Kate forgets everything, especially her top!”

In a jokey reference to the recent publication of pictures of Prince William’s younger brother Harry cavorting naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, another sub-head declares: “It’s Harry who started the fashion. Now chez the Windsors everyone is stripping off.”

The magazine’s sub-editors appear to have had a hard time containing their admiration for Kate’s gym-toned body, which they deemed to be top model material.

“Curves to die for from the back,” read the caption to one photograph of Kate fastening her bikini top above hi-cut briefs. “The angels of (lingerie company) Victoria’s Secret can get dressed again.”

A snap of the topless Duchess of Cambridge rubbing suncream into her husband’s back, is accompanied by the observation that: “William burns in the sun. If Kate continues to touch him like that he is going to catch fire!”

“Kate is always described as sublime, perfect, polite, radiant, sober, elegant, simple, likable, smiley, admirable”.

And an image of Kate lapping up rays triggers the observation that she “married an English prince but she also loves the Sun King,” a punning reference to the French monarch Louis XIV who was known as the Sun King.

In the article alongside a total of 16 different photographs of the couple, writer Samuel Cannes suggests that Kate’s unwise decision to sunbathe topless could have been the result of the strain she must feel in maintaining the demure image required of the wife of a man second in line to become Britain’s monarch.

“Kate is always described as sublime, perfect, polite, radiant, sober, elegant, simple, likable, smiley, admirable,” he writes.

“The praise is warranted but maintaining it requires constant vigilance.

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