MP quizzed by CID over Tana killings

September 6, 2012 2:57 pm
Godhana presented himself at the CID headquarters at 11am where he was grilled for four hours/CFM

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 6 – Galole Member of Parliament Dhado Godhana was questioned by police on Thursday afternoon over last month’s violence in Tana River where at least 52 people were killed.

Godhana presented himself at the CID headquarters at 11am where he was grilled for four hours.

“I came here on my own volition arising from the minister’s statement in Parliament that I was behind the chaos in Tana River, so I wrote to the Clerk (of the National Assembly) and the CID and informed them that I was ready to record a statement, and I was invited today,” he said.

Godhana told journalists he was required to state what he knows about the violence that rocked his constituency.

“It was a very cordial meeting with the police… in fact, I was received well. I was even served tea. I answered all their questions,” he said. “I have told them all I know about the problems in my area and now it is upon them to finish the investigations,” he said, and declined to go into details of what he told the detectives.

The investigation stems from a directive issued by acting Internal Security Minister Yusuf Haji who accused the legislator of failing to attend key security meetings at the ministry after the killings.

Godhana has previously denied any involvement in the ethnic violence and insists he cannot attend any meeting called by Haji, as long as the agenda is about resolving the problem in his constituency, accusing the minister as an interested party.

“How can I attend a meeting he (Haji) is chairing yet he has an interest in the issues of our area? I maintain my earlier stand. I cannot attend any of his meetings if he is the one chairing,” he said.

The Livestock Development Assistant Minister believes it is the beginning of his troubles, having recorded the statement with the police.

“I know this is just the beginning of issues, but I want to say that my statement was very, very voluntary,” he said.

At least 52 people were killed when members of the Orma and Pokomos clashed over grazing grounds and water.

Police said the attacks were perpetrated by the Pokomos who were against their Orma neighbours inhabiting parts of Tana River.

At least 10 suspects – including five local chiefs – were arrested soon after the violence and charged in court.

They however, denied involvement in instigating the violence or participating in any way. After the deadly violence was reported, the government intensified security in the area-including establishing a police post.

“We are satisfied with the security arrangement on the ground now and we do not expect similar occurrences,” Coast police chief Aggrey Adoli said.


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