Lethal brew kills 3 in Kibera

September 15, 2012 12:09 pm


Some brewers have confessed that they use methanol (a lethal preservative) to make alcohol/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 15 – Three people died on Saturday morning after consuming an illicit brew at a pub in Silanga area of Kibera slum.

Police picked up the bodies of a couple and another woman who are said to have consumed the alcohol that was sold to them in five plastic bottles.

“A man came with five bottles of alcohol and found them in a group. The couple have their own pub but they drunk the alcohol sold to them by the man. This morning they were found dead. I saw one of the women very drunk but I did not know she would die,” he explained.

Neighbours allege that the man who sold the alcohol to them did not drink it but just it delivered and took off.

“Our local leaders know where this alcohol comes from, how it is made and delivered. They want to kill us. I am a drunkard, how can I tell which is bad or good alcohol? We drink the alcohol we get,” a resident in the area said.

The couple that passed on also owned a pub which makes purchases from brewers.

The suspect who delivered the brew has since been arrested.

They alleged that a local administrator is involved in the sale of the illegal brew.

Police took the three bodies to the city mortuary.

Deaths resulting from illicit brew have lately become common news even as the government grapples with cracking down on illegal brewers.

According to recent media reports, some brewers have confessed that they use methanol (which can cause blindness, lead to a coma, or even death) to make alcohol which they sell to locals.


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