Kenya lost 50 years due to poor leadership – PM

September 22, 2012 5:09 pm
PM Raila Odinga arrives for a public rally at the South Coast/REBECCA NDUKU-PMPS

, KINANGO, Kenya Sep 22 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has pledged to lay a foundation that in five to 10 years will see the country recover what he termed as ‘the lost 50 years.’

The PM said Kenyans are struggling with basic problems because of decades of a leadership that lacked the will to take the country forward.

Speaking at a public rally at Kinango High School at the start of his two day tour of the Coast, Odinga said the area’s food and water problems would long have been solved through irrigation as has been done in Israel adding that even the country is Kenya’s age mate.

“We can manage, but the will has not been there. As a result, we have lost 50 years. It is a period we cannot account for but with the coming elections, we can redeem these years if we vote wisely,” the PM said.

Odinga said the destiny of nations is determined by the choices the leaders and the people make.

He cited Rwanda which he said pulled from the brink of collapse to become a leading nation in Africa.

At the event, the PM landed a boost when area MP Gonzi Rai pledged to work with ODM and to back Odinga in the presidential race.

Rai said since his party Ford People has no presidential candidate, he would have no problem backing Odinga.

He said a boycott of the polls by residents would work against them.”Nations go through problems at one time or another. Our nation has had its share. Rwanda went through problems. Somalia has been going through problems. But there is always a time when people decide to turn the tide. The solution to injustice is not to commit suicide. It’s to go for change and a new start. That is what Rwanda did a few years ago. It is what Somalia did two weeks ago. It is what Kenyans must do in the coming elections,” Odinga said.

He said the new constitution has laid the ground for Kenya to change and appealed to voters to seize the moment.

“Reversing the losses is why we fought for the second liberation and the new constitution. We must embrace the moment and reclaim our country, he said.

Odinga is accompanied on the tour by Ministers Anyang’ Nyong’o and James Orengo, Assistant Minister Hassan Joho and Coast MPs including Omar Zonga, Ramadhan Kajembe and Gideon Mungaro, among others.


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