Kenya dragged into anti-Obama campaign

September 5, 2012 9:16 am
The three provocative campaign posters are on display outside a motorbike accessories store off Route 27 in Hanson, Massachusetts/AFP

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 5 – Kenya has once again been dragged into the bitter US presidential campaigns with several homemade billboard signs in Boston generating considerable controversy for their inflammatory anti-Obama messages.

The three provocative campaign posters are on display outside a motorbike accessories store off Route 27 in Hanson, Massachusetts.

Sitting on the property of motorcycle accessories distributor Sullivans Inc., one large sign shows President Barack Obama with a caption that reads: “Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.”

“Obama One Big Ass Mistake America, Vote Mitt Romney for 2012!” it reads below the main headline. The communist symbolic images of the hammer and sickle are on the president’s shirt collar.

Several feet away, another sign shows a pouting young girl giving the middle-finger to the president. “Thanks, Obama,” begins the caption in bold red letters, and then continues in child-like penmanship: “You’ve spent my lunch money, my allowance, my inheritance, 35 years of future paychecks and my retirement. You jerk.”

One young father told the Patriot-Ledger that he frequently drives by the signs, and has to shield his 6-year-old daughter from seeing the image of another little girl flipping the bird.

“If she saw that, she’d say ‘Why is that little girl doing that? What does that mean?'” he said. “How do I explain that?”

Several stickers have been placed over the girl’s middle finger as an attempt to quell the offensiveness of the image.

Hanson is a small town of about 10,000 located in Plymouth County, roughly 18 miles southeast of Boston.

The area is largely Democratic, but many have supported the signs’ existence, citing free speech.

Town official Bob Curran said the eye-catching signs could be distracting and dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

Mr Sullivan’s lawyer, however, said he is protected under the First Amendment and that he is entitled to ‘free speech’.

The signs are just the latest anti-Obama displays to cause outrage.

Earlier this month, a protest was staged beneath an Indiana Tea Party billboard that compared Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden.

It read: ‘The Navy SEALS removed one threat to America. The voters must remove the other.’

The billboards come amid a spirited campaign by Obama rivals that the US President was born in Kenya.

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