Keino was unruly at party, inquest told

September 13, 2012 3:38 pm

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 13 – The inquest into the death of University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino was on Thursday told that she threw chairs as she ran after one of the chefs at the Wasini Luxury Homes after she was asked to stop being disorderly.

According to Leonard Thairu who was by then an assistant head chef at Wasini, Keino was shouting as she ran after his colleague who was leaving to avoid her unruliness.

“I saw Keino drunk and making noise. We were seated with my colleagues and my fellow chef asked her to stop making noise. She started throwing chairs down as she ran after the chef shouting at him. After about five minutes, she came back followed by one of the two men whom they were sharing a table with earlier. She came following him and making noise at him,” the inquest heard.

Thairu further said after about 30 minutes, he saw the girl hurl a glass from the terrace where they were seated towards the reception prompting him to inform the security.

However, one of the ladies at the restaurant begged for Keino not to be thrown out after even breaking the glass.

“The security guard was asked by a lady who identified herself as her aunt that she would contain her. But she ran towards the gym shouting and that is when the security ran after her and walked her out to the gate,” he explained.

On Wednesday, another witness Lucy Wanjeri informed the inquiry that she saw a dark Mercedes Benz and beneath it was a body. She also said she recorded the number plate of the vehicle when it drove away.

A receptionist at the restaurant also told Principal Magistrate Peter Ndwiga that she saw Keino making out with a bodyguard to Juja MP William Kabogo.

About 10 witnesses have so far testified before the inquiry investigating the death of Keino. Over 50 others are expected to give evidence.

Parties in the case will appear after those adversely mentioned so that they can react to allegations levelled against them in regard to the death of Keino last June.


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