Galole MP takes on Haji, fellow lawmakers

September 13, 2012 7:08 pm


Godhana was sacked as the Livestock Development Assistant Minister on Wednesday/CFM
NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 13 – Galole MP Dhadho Godhana is now demanding an apology from Acting Internal Security Minister Yusuf Haji and other MPs for implicating him in the Tana Delta clashes which have claimed 102 lives in the last three weeks.

Making a personal statement in Parliament, he described the allegation as malicious and misplaced, saying that he is a trained peacekeeper and not a murderer as had been portrayed by his counterparts during charged parliamentary debates.

Godhana told the House: “The utterances were not just intimidating but also injured my character and portrayed me as a killer, a murderer and put my life at risk. The allegations levelled against me are malicious, defamatory and misdirected; I am a polished, trained and experienced peacekeeper and will remain committed to pursuing peace in the Tana River.”

Godhana was sacked as the Livestock Development Assistant Minister on Wednesday after he was arrested and arraigned in court in connection with the clashes.

He was charged with two counts of incitement to violence.

The MP allegedly called for the removal of Defence Minister Haji from the Internal Security docket, failure to which there would be no peace in Tana River.

He is accused that on August 30 during a talk show on a local TV station, he claimed Haji held an expansionist ideology by trying to extend Ijara and Fafi constituencies’ projects to Tana River.

He was accused that on September 11 at Kilelengwani village in Tana Delta District, he uttered words to the effect “I am sure, I am certain that you are yet to see more, if Haji is not sacked from that docket.”

Haji and Godhana have recently traded accusations of fuelling the revenge attacks that have claimed the lives of 42 villagers this week alone.

“I appreciate the action taken by the CID and courts in holding me responsible for my actions and as such responded to the call. I want to invite all members and all advocates of justice to come out clear and follow my steps in accepting to be held accountable for their actions and or omissions. I wish to request that the rule of law be applied across the board rather than selectively,” he stated.

The retired army major called for the reinstatement of his personal security detail which he told the House has since been revoked living him exposed.

“I want to bring to your attention, Mr Speaker that immediately, the president and prime minister made the decision, my personal security detail was disarmed and withdrawn,” said the Galole MP.

He added: “I read mischief in this move and do request through the chair that they are returned and my security reinforced given the circumstances I am in.”



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