China to spend massively on farmland improvement

September 7, 2012 7:55 am


A farmer carrying reaped rice walks on a flooded riverbank in Luxin Township/XINHUA
BEIJING, Sep 7 – The government will spend 37.36 billion yuan (about $5.93 billion) to improve the quality of farmland this year, the Ministry of Finance said on Thursday.

The fund, which is a part of the country’s comprehensive agricultural development plan, includes 21.92 billion yuan from the central budget and 12.05 billion yuan from local budgets, the ministry said.

The government plans to improve the quality of 15.47 million mu (1.03 million hectares) of medium- and low-yield land and build 13.31 million mu of high-quality farmland by the end of 2012, said the ministry.

The government will also support improvements for 45 water-saving projects in medium-sized irrigation districts, said the ministry.

The projects will add or improve irrigation on 25.82 million mu of land, aiming to increase agricultural production capacity, it said.


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