Technician falls to his death at NSSF building

August 16, 2012 4:25 pm


The wounded technician was rushed to KNH/MIKE KARIUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 16 – A technician was killed while two of his colleagues narrowly escaped death when they fell from the 7th floor where they were renovating an elevator at the National Social Security fund (NSSF) building on Thursday afternoon.

The three technicians from Mits Electricals are reported to have fallen after a ladder they were using snapped as they fixed the lift.

“The two technicians were from Mits Electricals. One of them died on the spot while the other has been rushed to hospital,” Nairobi deputy Provincial Police Chief Moses Nyakwama told Capital FM News.

The wounded technician who is said to be seriously injured was rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital for emergency treatment while the other who was reported uninjured went for counselling.

“He has been taken to hospital, he sustained serious injuries but he is in a stable condition,” Nyakwama added.

He said an investigation would be carried out to establish circumstances under which the technicians fell.

“An investigation will be carried to establish what may have gone wrong,” he added.

NSSF building management through Communications Manager Christopher Khisa said that Mits Electricals was contracted to replace three lifts in Block C of the building.

By the time of the accident, the technicians who have been on site for a month had replaced one of the three lifts.

Khisa said that the lifts had been stopped as were not in use as Block C is undergoing renovations.

“This unfortunate incident is a construction accident, the people involved were employees of Mits Electricals and the lift was not working. The lifts had been stopped for replacement,” said Khisa after police picked up the body of the dead technician.



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