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In his book "Peeling back the mask" Raila Odinga's former aide Miguna Miguna speaks of many things that he witnessed while working for the ODM Party Leader


Resign! Activists demand of Raila

In his book “Peeling back the mask” Raila Odinga’s former aide Miguna Miguna speaks of many things that he witnessed while working for the ODM Party Leader

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 15 – A group calling itself ‘Kenyans 4 Honest Governance’ is now calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Raila Odinga following revelations in Miguna Miguna’s book.

The group spokesman James Mwangi said the most honourable thing the Prime Minster should do is to step aside, due to the serious allegations his former Coalition Advisor has laid bare.

“This book has revealed a lot about Raila. Raila should just resign and let investigations be carried out on those issues,” Mwangi said at a press conference in Nairobi.

In the book launched on Saturday, Miguna paints Odinga as a non-reformer and one who has been harbouring mismanagement of State resources by people close to him.

The civil society group said business should not remain as usual in government, particularly now that incriminating allegations have been made against Raila and other government officials.

“Why has business remained as usual in the wake of the serious and potentially incriminating allegations made against some top government officials and operatives in the Miguna Miguna expose,” the group asked.
They said it is difficult for anyone to doubt Miguna’s memoirs because he was very close to the PM, having worked for him as a senior Coalition Advisor.

During the launch of the book on Saturday, Miguna dared anyone implicated to sue him over the explosive memoirs which spare no one in both sides of the coalition.

“Obviously, if somebody wants to go to court, they can go. I want them to go to court so that I can deal with them once and for all. You may hate me or love me, but you can never honestly say that I am inconsistent,” he stated.

Miguna, who spoke with his trademark fervour, said he was not afraid of anyone and he will not be cowed when telling Kenyans the truth about the country and public officers.

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He said he exercised his right of expression to come up with the book, which he said exposes what Kenyans should know.

Miguna said no one should give him timings on when to write or publish books since there are no guidelines set up to dictate when books should be published.

He explained that he was the Prime Minister’s close ally for many years and was privy to information in his various positions in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

The lawyer also said he had recordings of everything he had written.

“I was Odinga’s right hand man for a very long time. Miguna was the coordinator of two strategy teams, for the Prime Minister himself and the party. Miguna kept all the records. Not just that, I was the secretary of the permanent committee of public affairs. Now think!” he asserted.

Miguna also said he knew how ODM prepared for elections. “Before last elections all parties prepared for elections and I was there and I recorded everything… that is the way I work. That is my work, I must record history. I know what ODM did and what PNU did.”

He said his memory was quite clear on what happened and part of which is contained in his book Peeling Back the Mask.

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