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The PM stated that shortly, he will be offering himself to the Kenyan voter as a presidential candidate.


Raila’s Sh100,000 a plate dinner raises millions

The PM stated that shortly, he will be offering himself to the Kenyan voter as a presidential candidate.

NAIROBI, KENYA, Jul 7 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Sh100,000 a plate dinner to help him raise funds to finance his bid for State House in the coming general elections raised over Sh26 million on Friday night.

The dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi’s Upper Hill was organized by Odinga’s presidential campaign secretariat and some of his supporters.
“Over 200 tickets costing Sh100,000 each were sold during the occasion, Kenyans from the Diaspora also contributed EUR20,000, and USD50,000 towards the kitty,” said Odinga’s campaign secretariat Chairman James Ongwae.

“This is not the end, party supporters should continue donating through service number 2020.”

Odinga promised the gathering that his presidency would reclaim the Kenyan dream coined by the country’s founding fathers to ensure equality, justice, freedom and opportunities for all, regardless of tribe, race, name, faith or region.

He claimed that these aspirations have been betrayed, twisted and killed over the years and that it was going take a monumental fight to restore them.

“Those who betrayed us and killed our dreams are determined to mount a well financed but ideologically bankrupt fight to retain the twisted versions of our dreams and we must fight,” he said.

The PM stated that shortly, he will be offering himself to the Kenyan voter as a presidential candidate on the ODM ticket on the platform of transformational change.

“I will be running to recreate a nation where everyone plays by the rules and obeys the same laws regardless of status in society,” he said.

Odinga was categorical that although the road to transform this country has been a long trek, the future looks bright.

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He warned that the opportunity provided by the new Constitution could be lost if Kenyans fail to seize the moment and choose the right leadership.

“We have a mission to make this country a better place to live in. This is the mission of ODM as a movement. I am happy to be with you in this movement to liberate Kenya from ignorance poverty and disease,” he said.

ODM chairman Henry Kosgey said the funds drive was an investment into democracy, reconciliation and reforms which are the ideals of ODM.

He said that Kenya was at a crossroad and needs a strong visionary leader to steer it through many challenges it’s facing.

“Kenyans have a choice to either go the path of impunity ,tribalism or the path of reforms which Raila Odinga stands for,” Kosgey said.

“In fullness of time Raila Odinga will be the President of Kenya and that time has come and is here with us.”

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