Mkenya Daima campaign enters phase II

July 4, 2012 3:49 pm
Campaign Chairman Vimal Shah said the second phase would run until October under the theme “My Kenya is not….”/COURTESY

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 4 – The second phase of the Mkenya Daima (Forever Kenyan) campaign that aims to rally Kenyans together ahead of the General Election kicked off on Wednesday with a call to maintain peace.

This was after a successful run of the first phase of the campaign which began on January 30.

Campaign Chairman Vimal Shah said the second phase would run until October under the theme “My Kenya is not….”

“There will be elections, there will be disputes, people disagree but do not take the law in your hands. If every single Mkenya Daima influences their own family, their community, church and villages, we will have a peaceful Kenya,” Shah noted.

Vision 2030 Director General Mugo Kibati asked Kenyans not to allow politicians to divide them in the run up to the General Election and noted that the Mkenya Daima campaign would help instill patriotism among Kenyans.

“We want to get this country in order ahead of the elections. Let’s not wait for the mess to happen,” Kibati said.

National Civil Society Congress President Morris Odhiambo noted that Civil Societies must ensure that the negative conditions that created unrest in the 2007 elections are removed.

“Peace is not something you dream about and it happens and this is why we talk about peace building that when you have conditions of peace then you have to look for ways of sustaining so that you can continue to develop your country,” Odhiambo said.

The campaign is being steered by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and will run in four phases until the General elections.

The just concluded first phase was carried out under the theme ‘Mwenye nchi sio Mwana nchi’.

The second phase of the campaign which began Wednesday would be about handling the negatives that divide Kenyans.

Phase three is scheduled to begin from November to run until the election date (expected on March 4) and the theme would be ‘Rights Come With Responsibilities’ while phase four will kick off under the theme ‘Conflict Mitigation’. It will run concurrently with phase three and will focus on conflict prone areas with a view of resolving existing disputes before the elections.

The campaign will be done at a cost of Sh2 billion.

“The campaign depends on support from all Kenyans and friends of Kenya. All Kenyans are invited to contribute any amount of money as well as in kind contributions as their support towards the campaign,” Shah appealed.

The campaign steering team is made up of Faith Based Organisations, Civil Society Organisation, National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Vision 2030 and the Media.

“People are finally starting to understand and acknowledge that they are owners of the country and not just children of the country,” Shah commented.

The campaign team however noted that reaching the grassroots had been difficult and to address this they would embark on county hall meetings and other platforms to reach Kenyans in the periphery.


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