Kenya hikes passport fees

July 5, 2012 3:39 pm
A 64-page Kenyan passport will now cost Sh7,500 while an East African travel document is now Sh940/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 5 – Kenyans seeking to acquire passports will now pay a higher fee, after the Immigration Ministry hiked the rates from Sh3,040 to Sh4,500.

A notice issued at the Immigration Department said diplomatic 48-page passports will cost Sh7,500 up from Sh6,000 while ordinary 48-page passports will attract a fee of Sh6,000.

A 64-page Kenyan passport will now cost Sh7,500 while an East African travel document is now Sh940.

To replace a valid but mutilated passport one will need to pay Sh10,000 and a temporary passport will cost Sh3,000.

Those seeking permanent residence but lost citizenship will need to pay Sh15,000, others Sh500,000 and spouses of Kenyans Sh50,000.

Citizenship by registration for lawful residence will cost Sh200,000, registration for citizenship for children and persons with disabilities Sh20,000 and registration for citizenship by stateless persons Sh2,000.

Registration for citizenship by migrants Sh2,000, registration for citizenship for descendants of stateless persons and migrants Sh2,000 and renunciation will cost Sh20,000.

Registration for citizenship by marriage will now cost Sh30,000, registration for citizenship by marriage to spouses and for widows and widowers from East African Community states Sh5,000 each and registration for citizenship for widows and widowers from elsewhere Sh20,000.

A Transit Visa will now cost Sh1,600 depending on the exchange rates while ordinary single journey documents will cost Sh4,000 and multiple journey will now attract a fee of Sh8,000.

Those who will be visiting Kenya for prospecting and mining will pay Sh250,000 per year to get a permit, for agriculture and husbandry Sh100,000, prescribed profession Sh100,000, employment Sh200,000, specific manufacturing Sh100,000, specific trade, business or consultancy Sh100,000, approved religious and charitable activities Sh5,000 shillings and ordinary residents Sh100,000.

Students as well as dependents pass will now cost Sh5,000.


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