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The Gichugu MP insisted that she was unmoved by the low approval ratings released by pollsters recently/FILE


Karua unveils her ‘winning team’

The Gichugu MP insisted that she was unmoved by the low approval ratings released by pollsters recently/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 3 – Presidential hopeful Martha Karua launched her campaign secretariat on Tuesday promising Kenyans to defend the Constitution and guarantee Kenyan citizens a life of dignity and equality if elected.

Karua reaffirmed that her top priority as president will be to erode impunity through a new spirit of constitutionalism. She said that she will lead the fight against corruption from the frontline and that she will inspire a new faith in the public service.

Karua said: “20 years of multi-party democracy has brought us many goodies, and we must never forget the sacrifices of those who made it possible for us to have the power to choose our leaders without intimidation.”

“But these two decades of electoral democracy have also taught us that to consolidate our democratic transformation; we must broaden our vision of the possible, shift the focus for change from politicians to the voters… and you know that you can count on me for a realistic but faithful implementation of the Constitution,” the former Justice Minister said.

The Gichugu MP insisted that she was unmoved by the low approval ratings released by pollsters recently, the latest being the poll by Infotrack Harris that placed her in sixth position with 3.9 percent.

“We are perturbed neither by pollsters nor opinion polls. They are just Kenyans trying to earn a living in a difficult economic environment…my faith and fate is in the hands of the many Kenyans who encourage me and who we continue to rally together around shared values, aspirations and dreams of a greater Kenya,” she countered.

As president she said that her other priorities will include expanding and improving transport, water, ICT and energy infrastructure as well as empowering industries, innovators, traders and communities to create more jobs.

Other issues that will inform her policy as president are investment in farming to solve distribution problems and ensure sustainable national food security.

She also pledged to prioritise and invest in national security, secure Kenya’s regional advantage and Diaspora engagement through a robust foreign policy.

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Karua vowed to pursue a cost-effective ‘Cradle-to-Grave’ universal healthcare and a responsive, comprehensive education.

“I feel the need for a comprehensive health system with focus on public education, preventive medicine and institutional recovery,” she said.

She said that far reaching change cannot come to Kenya until a fundamental transformation in the hearts and minds of Kenyans voters occurs.

“To turn the silent majority into a critical majority voters must learn to ask different questions; or to ask the same old questions differently this time round; questions of bread and milk and cost of fuel, questions of integrity and leadership as service,” she challenged voters.

The Campaign Secretariat located in Hurlingham will be headed by Hussein Mohammed of Extreme Sports Ltd.

Hussein said the Karua campaign will be ran on the tenets of transparency, honesty and integrity and they aim to see a country where the rule of law thrives.

“Today I have decided to stand with a candidate who has proven time and again (that she) says what she means and means what she says; a candidate who is brave,” said Hussein.

Garsen MP Danson Mungatana used the occasion to prevail on the President and the Prime minister to expeditiously appoint a Minister for Internal Security following Sunday’s attacks on a church in Garissa.

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