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However he also raised concerns over personal interests creeping into the process/FILE


Wamalwa happy with implementation progress

However he also raised concerns over personal interests creeping into the process/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 27 – Constitutional Affairs Minister Eugene Wamalwa was upbeat on Wednesday that the implementation process is on course apart from sluggishness in conducting police reforms.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Roundtable on implementation of the Constitution he conceded that although good progress has been made, there are vested interests derailing the implementation process.

“We have passed over 24 legislations; of course we have some that are yet to be put in place. The Public Finance Bill is before the House, the County Government’s Bill was passed last week, those were the two that were delayed but with extension of Parliament we are now on course,” he enthused.

He further expressed concerns that political, ethnic and personal interests had found their way into the implementation process and urged especially the political class to be objective in passing legislations that will benefit the entire country.

In the country’s thirst for free, fair and peaceful elections, Wamalwa announced that his office will host a conference in early September that will bring stakeholders together to discuss ways that Kenya can ensure violence will not mar future elections.

Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution Chairman Charles Nyachae also concurred that the implementation process was on track.

However he also raised concerns over personal interests creeping into the process.

He also said the Executive was not keen in working on policies alongside legislations hence delaying the process of reforms in certain areas.

“The Executive has lagged us behind because many of the laws that have come to us and have subsequently been passed have not come accompanied with policies that form these laws.”

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Prime Minister Raila Odinga reiterated the government’s commitment to ensure peace prevails as the country prepares for the general elections.

Odinga stressed the importance of checking that laws passed by Parliament stick to the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

“We have to do this because it is becoming increasingly clear that passing laws alone is not enough. We have to probe whether constitutionalism and respect for the rule of law is getting entrenched or subverted and short changed as we implement the constitution,” he asserted.

He advised Kenyans to also familiarise themselves with their Constitution to ensure they understand and apply it in their daily lives especially to protect themselves from injustices of impunity and lawlessness.

Attorney General Githu Muigai encouraged civic debates despite varied views on controversial Bills.


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