Saitoti assures of security, calls for vigilance

June 3, 2012 3:23 pm


Internal security minister George Saitoti on Sunday said his ministry has put enough measures that will ensure no more attacks in the country/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 3 – The government has once again assured Kenyans enough security, despite the recent threats by the Al Shabaab militia.

Internal Security Minister George Saitoti on Sunday said his ministry has put enough measures that will ensure no more attacks in the country.

He has called on leaders and Kenyans at large to have faith in the Kenya’s security force, adding that the increase in the attacks especially in the major cities is due to the good progress made by the Kenya Defence Force in fighting the militia in Somalia.

“The Al Shabaab is under very heavy pressure right now. Afmadow as you know has already been captured and they know very well it will be a matter of time, before Kismayu is taken. And it is going to interfere with the revenue they have been getting through Kismayu to continue with their work. So they are going to do everything possible,” Saitoti said.

Saitoti’s assurance comes two days after a US-based private intelligence firm Intel Center, warned that Al Shabaab will be carrying out major strikes in Kenya in two weeks time targeting major buildings.

Speaking at a church service in Nairobi, Saitoti insisted that Kenyans have to be vigilant and report any suspect around them to a nearest police station, adding that the Al Shabaab continues to recruit the Kenyan youths.

“These people operate like guerillas. If they were operating like a formal army, they would have been ‘demolished’ long time ago. They have devised all kinds of disguises. They even use Kenyans like you, to be the ones who actually commit these crimes,” the Internal Security Minister said.

He defended the police force from claims that it is not in a position to protect Kenyans due to the recent attacks.

He said his ministry is working on ways to ensure increase of budgetary allocation to the Internal Security Ministry in the coming budget to especially improve the working conditions of the policemen. This will include providing good housing, addition on work related equipment, salary and allowance increments and employment of more policemen.

He also called on politicians to stop criticizing the police force at this critical time, adding that the security issue at hand is the responsibility of every leader and all Kenyans.

“By and large, they have done their best and I think the worst thing that can bee done, especially this time we are facing external threats, is to publicly go ahead and insult the police. That is not the right way of dealing with this one,” he complained.

The minister hopes that the Anti-Terrorist Bill, which he says is currently at the drafting stage, will be passed in Parliament once taken before the floor of the House and will greatly help in the fight against terrorism in the country.


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