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President Barack Obama is seeking reelection in the November US elections


‘Obama Boy’ has a crush on Obama

President Barack Obama is seeking reelection in the November US elections

NEW YORK, Jun 14 – Four years ago it was “Obama Girl” declaring love for the president in a racy, viral Internet video. Now, with the reelection fight heating up, enter an updated, under-dressed admirer — gay “Obama Boy.”

“Cuz I got a crush on Obama,” croons “Obama Boy” in the video which can be viewed on YouTube.

President Barack Obama may no longer inspire the level of adulation he enjoyed during his meteoric 2008 rise to the presidency.

But the song recaptures that spirit, tweaked for 2012 with the bikini-clad “Obama Girl” replaced by a young man in tight shorts praising Obama over his recent statement of support for gay marriage.

“You let us serve openly in the military. I’m so jealous of the First Lady. Gay marriage will soon be the norm. It makes me shiny and warm. You support me unlike the right. You’re my rainbow colored knight,” “Obama Boy” sings.

The singer is actually a stand-up comedian and actor called Justin Brown and the video and lyrics were created by his friend John Duarte, a 29-year-old film maker from New York.

Neither of them is gay.

But “the idea came to me the day President Obama came out and said he was pro-gay marriage. The idea dawned on me: this is great! And I went home and wrote the lyrics till like three in the morning,” Duarte told AFP.

The video, featuring cheeky shots of Brown cavorting with cardboard cut-outs of the president, took just three days to shoot, Duarte said.

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Although the political landscape is more divided than ever after Obama’s first term and gay marriage is far from universally popular, the video is meant to create positive buzz.

“The hope is that it helps Obama,” Duarte said. “We were trying to entertain people. It’s supposed to be comedy. I hope people won’t take it so seriously that they don’t vote for him.”


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