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Mombasa flight detours after fight over Cannabis

(File picture) The Thomson airlines flight to Mombasa had to make an emergency landing in Malta after a drunk British couple began arguing about drugs/ MAIL ONLINE

MALTA, Jun 21 – A plane headed to Mombasa, Kenya was forced to make an emergency landing in Malta, a small Mediterranean island on Wednesday following an argument between a British couple over drugs.

The pilot decided to land at Malta International Airport when the crew notified him of a conversation of the drunken couple who were arguing over Cannabis, according to the Mail Online.

“An airliner was forced to make emergency landing after cabin staff overheard a drunken British couple arguing about drugs,” the Mail Online reported.

The paper said Matthew Evans, 24, from Hertfordshire reportedly began rowing with his 23-year-old girlfriend aboard the Thomson airlines flight to Mombasa, Kenya.

“She became so angry with him that she told a fellow passenger he was carrying drugs,” the paper reported.

The conversation was captured by a hostess who immediately informed the pilot, before the plane was diverted to Malta.

“The plane made an emergency landing at about 4am and Evans was searched by the police who found 18 grams of cannabis resin,” the Mail Online wrote.

The plane was later allowed to leave but Evans and his girlfriend were not allowed back on board.

He was finally discharged unconditionally for three years after pleading to the possession.

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