Kiyiapi hits at ‘selfish’ leaders

June 24, 2012 8:04 am


James Ole Kiyiapi and Tigania East MP Peter Munya at Mikinduri Girls High School during a prize giving day on June 23/ PHOTO - KIYIAPI CAMPAIGN TEAM
TIGANIA, Kenya, Jun 24 – Presidential hopeful James Ole Kiyiapi has scoffed at parliamentarians for effecting amendments to some Constitution implementation laws to favour their selfish ambitions and agenda.

The Restore and Build Kenya (RBK) candidate said laws are made for all and not in a way to favour a select class of citizens.

“We don’t make laws for a specific group of people. The law cannot be selective. The law of the country must apply across the board,” he said.

Speaking at Mikinduri Girls High School in Tigania East District during the school’s prize giving day, Kiyiapi lashed at the legislators saying they should stop playing around with the law in their quest for selfish ambitions.

“Members of Parliament must not sneak legislations at midnight. They should debate issues in broad daylight.”

“Let us have understanding of what they are passing. They are not representing themselves, they are representing Kenyans,” he added.

The former civil servant urged the legislators to go back and consult the electorate for any amendments since they represent Kenyans and not themselves. He said that any amendments to aspects of the Constitution should be on the basis of consultations and not selfish interests.

He urged the local community to vote for him in the forthcoming elections for his track record. He defended his track record and explained to them how he was able to change all the ministries he has worked in recently being the expansion of national schools from 15 to 105 by August next year while he was the PS in the Ministry of Education.

The area MP Peter Munya said that it is only Kiyiapi who had all the qualifications that are set out in the Cnstitution to vie for the presidency of this country in the forthcoming elections. He said this amid cheers from the enthusiastic crowd.


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