Kenya gets Sh2.4b EU grant for polls

June 13, 2012 2:37 pm
Briet said the major area of concentration for their funding will be targeting civic education to help Kenyans understand the complex new voting process/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 13 – The European Union (EU) on Wednesday said it had dispatched Sh2.4 billion to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to support Kenya’s next general election.

Speaking during meeting with the Constitutional Affairs Minister Eugene Wamalwa, EU Head of Delegation Ludo Briet said they were targeting to channel Sh3.6 billion for the Kenyan elections through the UNDP kitty.

“We are obviously keen to continue assisting Kenya to the best of our collective ability in making sure the next election will be peaceful, free and fair,” he asserted.

Briet said the major area of concentration for their funding will be targeting civic education to help Kenyans understand the complex new voting process.

Unlike before, Kenyans this time will vote for six leaders who include the President, Senator, Governor, County Assembly Member, Woman Representative and Member of Parliament.

He felt that it was important that Kenyans go into elections with information that will enhance them to make informed choices.

Briet advised Kenyans to exercise their role with diligence to ensure they elect leaders with clean performance records and who can deliver in the development agenda for the country.

He said it was up to Kenyans to think of the most suitable candidates and urged them to also demand for accountability from them.

Wamalwa said peace conferences will continue being held in the country in the build up to the general elections as he explained that the government is committed to ensuring that Kenyans maintain peace to allow democratic elections.

He outlined that a series of peace conferences will be held at the national and county level to help Kenyans understand the necessity of observing peace especially during transition processes of elections.

“In the month of July we will be holding county forums in all our counties. Members of Parliament have promised to participate in the process of peace building. After the county forums we will hold a national conference on peaceful elections. All this is aimed at ensuring peaceful elections,” he disclosed.

The EU delegation commended Kenya for undertaking key reforms especially in the judiciary, police and the electoral process.

However they were disgruntled at the appointments of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and appealed for transparency in the process.

They also asked Parliament to fast-track the Finance Management and the County Bills which they said were crucial as the country prepares for a transition to a new legislature in few months to come.

The EU pledged to continue supporting Kenya even on its regional peace and security matters in regards to the operation in Somalia.

The members said apart from financial aid, they were helping to train soldiers and also deal with upsurge of refugees entering Kenya.


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