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Film star Robert de Nero/AFP


De Niro says stability, funds needed to boost African cinema

Film star Robert de Nero/AFP

LIBREVILLE, June 10 – US actor Robert De Niro, attending an African development forum in Gabon, said that stability and adequate funding are prerequisites to the future of cinema on the world’s poorest continent.

“First … people have to know (a government is) going to last, that they can come back,” De Niro told a session of the New York Forum Africa in the Gabonese capital Libreville late Saturday.

Secondly, “The money has to be there,” the Oscar-winning actor said.

“You have to have enough money to hire the right people to know what to do as far as building studios, technicians, creative people to start coming up with stories,” De Niro said.

“Then you have to create the material, stories. What stories come out from the region that are famous, classic stories, what stories … can be done in such a way that they appeal to other countries, the continent and then worldwide.”

The three-day New York Forum Africa, which ends Sunday, is dedicated to development issues across the continent and has gathered senior business executives and politicians from around the world.


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