Cease speculations over chopper crash, urges Haji

June 29, 2012 4:31 pm
He said that investigations are being handled in a professional manner and continued speculation will only result into more misinformation on the probe/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 29 – Acting Internal Security Minister Yusuf Haji on Friday urged Kenyans to immediately cease speculation on the helicopter crash that killed Internal Security Minister George Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode and four others.

He said that investigations are being handled in a professional manner and continued speculation will only result into more misinformation on the probe.

“We call upon members of the public including MPs who might have any information regarding this unfortunate tragedy to come forward and make available the same publicly to the Commission of Inquiry. Wild allegations and speculation and rumour mongering should immediately cease …this is a serious matter and it (speculation) will not be beneficial to the families of the departed colleagues and the nation,” Haji said.

The Minister who spoke to journalists at his Harambee House office said that arrangements have been finalised to move the wreckage next week from Ngong under the directions of the technical team.

MPs on Thursday sensationally claimed that Saitoti and his deputy Ojode, were assassinated by drug barons.

They accused the government of frustrating foreign sleuths who returned to South Africa on Wednesday night by refusing to facilitate their enquiries.

MPs also protested over the slow pace of investigations into the helicopter crash.

But Haji maintained that investigations began within an hour of the crash and that the probe team had been facilitated by government to proceed with the hearings once it was ready.

“No persons participating in the investigations have gone out of the country because of lack of facilitation. The team that went back to South Africa did so on their own volition after completion of their investigations and will be back to participate in the public inquiry,” said Haji in response to allegations that government frustrated foreign investigators by refusing to facilitate their enquiries.

He hit out at his parliamentary colleagues whom he said were using parliamentary privileges to blow the matter out of proportion.

“It is very unfortunate that people take advantages of privileges in the House to make claims, if one has information they should take it to the commission. You can do it even in camera,” he reiterated.

Sotik MP Joyce Laboso, whose sister Lorna and former Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones, died in a plane crash four years ago, on Thursday pleaded with the government to give results of the investigation saying their families were still waiting to know the cause of the crash that killed the two.

Lands Minister James Orengo said it was important that the government pursues all possible causes of the deaths.

“It looks like now Saitoti and Ojodeh have died and life continues. The next day it will be somebody else. I am pleading that we do not dismiss any theory because many have died and no answers have come out as we continue giving assurances to everything.”


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