All must accept Kenya’s poll results – Uhuru

June 8, 2012 3:59 pm
He cited the 2002 poll, saying there was peace after he conceded defeat to President Kibaki/COURTESY UHURU FACEBOOK

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 8 – Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has urged leaders to keep and preach peace to ensure the next election is free of violence.

Kenyatta who is touring Samburu County challenged the contenders for the presidency to be able to accept the results of the democratic process.

He cited the 2002 poll, saying there was peace after he conceded defeat to President Kibaki.

Speaking at the Baragoi Anglican Church, Kenyatta who was accompanied by nominated MP Maison Leshomo and Makadara MP Mike Sonko, said: ”This is the trend we must follow in the next poll; we must accept the decision.”

He thanked various communities living in Samburu for peace in recent times. He cited the peace caravan spearheaded by Leshomo and other leaders that has brought the Samburu, Turkana and Pokot together.

The DPM exuded confidence that peace will bring development, especially now that the new Constitution devolves resources to the counties.

”The next election is therefore important in picking the right leaders who will manage the resources; elect the best people Samburu County can produce.”

Kenyatta again committed to his earlier promise that the people will choose candidates wishing to contest for various positions on The National Alliance (TNA) ticket.

The Former Finance minister told the people of Samburu he will vie for the presidency on the platform of national unity, national development and equity.

He promised to change the ”face of Kenya and pace of development” if given the mandate to lead Kenya.

Kenyatta affirmed that it was necessary for affirmative action in state employment saying information and opportunity should be accessed by every Kenyan national

He said: ”By the time people in marginalised areas get to know of advertised jobs, its way past deadline.”

During the opening of the TNA headquarters in Nairobi on Tuesday Kenyatta affirmed that his party will work closely with like-minded parties towards the next general election.

Kenyatta said that he will support the candidate who emerges top in the TNA presidential nominations.

Kenyatta who is accused of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has kept people guessing if he will travel to The Hague for the status conference to be held next week.

Apart from setting the date of trials, the status conference will also set the timelines and format of disclosing evidence including witnesses that will require protection.


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