This is a changed Judiciary, declares CJ

May 31, 2012 12:49 pm


Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga
NAIROBI, Kenya, May 31 – Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has vowed that the Judiciary will independently deliver quality judicial services to Kenyans.

Speaking during the launch of the judicial blue print on Thursday, Mutunga said the Judiciary will not be pegged on any forces that will deter its work.

“The office of the Chief Justice is not a transformation office to take instructions from any quota. I do not tell judges what to decide, no Kenyan however low or high should think they can ask me to do so. I have not done it and I will not do it,” he vowed.

He further advised Kenyans to realise that it was no business as usual in the Judiciary as it is now meant for all Kenyans to access justice equally.

Mutunga said the Judiciary is guided by the Constitution and its work is to ensure Kenyans get what they deserve.

“For those who may incline to refuse this judicial transformation framework, the train has already left the station. The forces against change have no alternative but to obey the Constitution, unless they want to overthrow it… the old order is dead. What is uncertain is how expensive the forces of resistance will make the funeral,” he asserted.

The blueprint among others things intends to oversee reforms in the police cells to guard people’s rights.

It is also meant to spread out judicial services to the grassroots by making High Courts and magistrates’ courts available in every county.

It will also improve working terms and conditions of judicial staff to attract professionals to serve Kenya.

So far, the Judiciary has cleared 27,000 cases from the backlog and its intention is to ensure justice is made dispensed promptly.

The Judiciary has also established a working committee on election preparedness to organise judicial officers to handle election disputes.

In its plan, the Judiciary further intends to establish an inclusive programme where Kenyans can also give their views about its work.

On Tuesday, the Judiciary launched an online Judiciary Service Desk to receive reports on performance of judicial officials.

The help-desk will provide a forum where clients and members of staff in the Judiciary could report complaints including those of unethical conduct, harassment and conflict of interest.


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