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PM Odinga shakes hands with Investment Secretary Esther Koimett/ PMPS


State bureaucracy harming business – PM

PM Odinga shakes hands with Investment Secretary Esther Koimett/ PMPS

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 24 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Thursday expressed concerns over State corporations that he says have procurement processes that keep away investors.

Speaking during a meeting with chairpersons and Chief Executive Officers of State Corporations in Nairobi, he regretted that there is a lot of bureaucracy that causes unnecessary delays in government offices.

“Bureaucracy is still very much entrenched in the State corporations. This must cease forthwith, I am asking Ministers and Permanent Secretaries to stop micromanaging the State corporations so that we can improve on the business environment in the country,” he asserted.

He said the procurement processes were a leeway to corruption especially witnessed during tendering, thus hampering competitive bidding.

The premier urged government offices to work on ways that will make procurement easy to attract investors through competitive means.

He singled out corruption saying that government offices have failed to win the confidence of Kenyans who view them as channels of stealing their money.

Odinga urged State corporations to ensure that corruption does not find its root to the county levels as the country embarks on a devolved government.

He urged them to work hard to ensure they deliver good services to Kenyans and also work on changing the bad image of laxity and corruption associated with state corporations.

He said there is also need to ensure equal regional representation in government offices.

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Odinga also said he had set up a committee of Permanent Secretaries to help facilitate in reviewing legislation and policies governing parastatals in the ongoing rationalisation exercise.

“The committee will begin work soon and will report on monthly basis to the cabinet committee on the implementation of the constitution,” he said.

Head of Civil Service Francis Kimemia also cautioned public servants from engaging in active politics as he urged those with aspirations for political seat to first resign.

He further warned government officers against using state resources.

Kimemia advised accounting officers to be careful and ensure that State resources are not misused or shoddy deals are not made in view of the expected general election.


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