Raila, Mudavadi supporters clash in Sabatia

May 5, 2012 2:18 pm


Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his Deputy Musalia Mudavadi/FILE

SABATIA, Kenya, May 5 – The political rivalry between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his deputy Musalia Mudavadi was dragged out in the open in Sabatia on Saturday after their supporters clashed in the public forcing anti-riot police to intervene.

Trouble started after Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale told Odinga to his face that he should stop a plot to kick-out Mudavadi from Parliament.

“We have advised Mudavadi to remain as DPM, why are you asking him to resign. I dare you to bring a motion to remove him and I will also bring a motion to remove you as PM as you no longer have a majority in Parliament,” said Khalwale amid cheers from Mudavadi’s supporters.

At that point, Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba was heard shouting: “Khalwale is among people who have misled Mudavadi and he is not the only one in Parliament and we will deal with him ‘kama lorry ya miguu 24’ (like a 24 tyre lorry).”

Cabinet Minister James Orengo also told Khalwale off, saying the law must be followed and MPs who ditch parties should resign and seek a fresh mandate.

“Khalwale shoud stop romours and propaganda as the law is clear, if one deems to support another party he should quit his party. Mudavadi should now write a letter to the Speaker. He should know it’s not easy, I tried it once and lost and it is Raila who rescued me,” he said.

Mudavadi who was also at the funeral before Odinga arrived left in a huff ostensibly to attend another funeral but after ODM youths mainly from Nairobi shouted ODM slogans at him.

qWhen Odinga took to the podium, he told Mudavadi’s constituents that their MP will not succeed President Kibaki if he decides to go it alone.

“Mudavadi is being misled; when he comes to Vihiga and sees a crowd he thinks he has support countrywide. Ngilu, Nyachae, Orengo and myself, have tried and failed. Let him also try alone to learn the lesson. We need unity,” he said.

“These tribal groupings like ‘Kamatusa’ wild not take them anywhere. Mudavadi remains my friend.”

On his way to the funeral, Odinga has challenged politicians defecting from parties that sponsored them to Parliament to go back to the electorate and seek a fresh mandate.

The PM said that when he defected from Ford Kenya to LDP, he had to seek a fresh mandate from voters in his Langata constituency.

At the same time he urged the electorate to vote-in reform minded leaders who will keep the Kenyan dream of a prosperous country as coined by the founding fathers, alive.

Odinga noted that the coming polls will mark a decisive moment for the country especially with the rolling out of the County governments charged with utilization of financial resources at the grassroots.

He said the election will be a contest between reform minded leaders and those keen on maintaining the status quo.

”Kenya has lagged behind for long due to poor leadership. The coming polls will be a defining moment which you must not squander but must use wisely to put in positions of leadership individuals with reform credentials”, he said.

The PM spoke in Ndalu, Bungoma County during the Burial of late councilor Samson Wasike Bunyasi, a long serving chairman of Nzoia County Council.

He said as the country approaches the general elections all Kenyans especially the political class must raise to the occasion be custodians of peace.

”Security is paramount especially this moment when the country moves towards the general elections. Politicians should preach politics of love and unity instead of tribalism which is divisive,” he said.


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