Nightclubs’ flight of fancy angers cabin crew

May 22, 2012 7:36 am


The clubs feature sexy waitresses dressed in skimpy copies of cabin crew uniforms/FILE
SEOUL, May 22 – Airline flight attendants are fuming over nightclubs in the South Korean capital that feature sexy waitresses dressed in skimpy copies of cabin crew uniforms, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Outside a subway station in southern Seoul, young women attired like flight attendants handed out leaflets advertising one such “concept” bar, the JoongAng Ilbo daily said on its website.

“Beautiful flight attendants will provide you with best service,” the leaflets promised.

One such bar offered a bottle of liquor, side dishes and service by a “flight attendant”, with an “economy class” version priced at 149,000 won ($127.50), business class at 210,000 won and first class costing 269,000.

For an extra 100,000 won, a “flight attendant” will snuggle up close to customers, a bar manager was quoted as telling the daily.

Genuine flight attendants reacted angrily.

“At first I thought they were our colleagues as they were handing out leaflets wearing what appeared to be our uniforms,” one told the paper.

A South Korean airline official told AFP his company had protested to the bars, who promised to stop using such uniforms in future.


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