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Nairobi water supply back to normal

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 29 – Normal water supply has been restored in Nairobi following completion of repair works to the transmission pipelines conveying treated water from Sasumua dam to the Kabete reservoirs.

Damages to the two pipelines occurred early this month due to a landslide within Gakoe Forest that broke the pipes.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Athi Water Services Board Chairman Reuben Ndolo said the repair of the pipeline would facilitate the combined supply of 48,000 cubic metres of water to city residents.

“I would like to inform the water consumers within Nairobi and the surrounding areas, that the water supply has resumed and that upper parts of the city have started getting water because as far as we know, the water supply has been restored,” he stated.

Ndolo pointed out that the major works undertaken to restore normal supply include the clearing of debris, installation of gabions and replacement of the damaged sections of the pipelines.

“Following our earlier notice of interruption of supply, we now confirm that repairs have been completed and normal supply restored to Kabete reservoirs and onwards,” he said.

Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) Managing Director Philip Gichuki said they have positioned the two pipelines at a lower level in a bid to prevent any future occurrences.

“Among the things that we have been asked by our licensee that is Athi Water Services Board is to assist in auditing all those pipelines and look at all the areas that are likely t have such occurrences then we document and work on them so as to minimize such incidences,” he said.

Raging floods in Gakoe forest washed away the main pipeline from Sasumua dam cutting off water supply to the western and southern parts of Nairobi.

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The affected line is 24 inches in diameter and supplies about 10 per cent of the total production capacity for the city.

Sasumua Dam, the second largest in the country, was built 50 years ago and supplies two-thirds of the water to the Kabete reservoir on Nairobi’s western suburbs, from where it is distributed to the city.

The dam pumps 60 million litres of water every day and is normally capable of sustaining sections of the city for at least three months.


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