Kenyan forces kill 14 Shabaab fighters

May 30, 2012 4:57 pm


Military spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna
NAIROBI, Kenya, May 30 – Fourteen Al Shabaab militants were killed when Kenya Defense Forces attacked a seaport watch station used by the terrorist gang Tuesday.

The attack occurred when a KDF Navy ship was conducting routine sea patrol in the vicinity of the port of Kismayu, the Kenya Military said.

“14 Al Shabaab militants were neutralised and 10 others injured when a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) Naval ship engaged the militants at an Al Shabaab seaport watch station yesterday,” Col Cyrus Oguna, the Information Operations Officer said in a statement.

He said the militants were killed when they shot at the military war ship, prompting a fierce gun battle.

“The militants opened fire at the ship prompting retaliatory naval gunship fire. During the engagement two on-shore structures were also destroyed,” Oguna said.

Earlier in the day, Chief of General Staff General Julius Karangi had said there was an encounter that was underway and pledged to provide details much later.

The statement from his office said some 20 Al Shabaab militants had also surrendered to KDF with 13 AK 47 rifles at Fafadun within Gedo region.

It said KDF’s objective in Somalia remains to degrade the Al Shabaab capacity and capability to a level that they will no longer be a threat to the Kenyan citizenry or the Somali public.

“Part of the efforts to achieve this objective has been regular patrols along the Indian Ocean by KDF Naval ships to safeguard the territorial waters against sea borne and land borne threats,” Oguna said.

General Karangi has revealed the KDF forces are working out on a plan jointly with other AMISOM forces to storm Kismayu by August this year.


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